Friday, January 04, 2008

Clan Mothers

I haven't written anything about my 100 Day Challenge, but the project is still up and running! Today is day 46 of my 100 days and I can feel that my desired manifestations are starting to come alive. One of my goals was to "attract into my life people who will inspire me, support me and help me with what I'm doing. Mentors, friends, teachers, both in real life and via the Internet, both in person and through their works (books, paintings, music, ect)."

I "checked" the boxes next to some of my new year's resolutions last night. *^v^*

I was brave to follow my instinct and the need to become a member of some Women Circle, to go out and meet new people.
I found such circle just before Christmas and acted at once - I sent an email to the woman who is the leader of the circle and last night I attended the first meeting.
I stopped thinking about all the cons and obstacles, and even ignored the terrible headache I had, and just went to the first meeting.
And I really enjoyed the meeting, so I'm going there next Wednesday! *^v^*

I became a part of the Women Circle that is going to work on the book by Jamie Sams "The 13 Original Clan Mothers" (more details about the book and the idea behind it here.) Our leader is a wonderful warm and smiling all the time 62 year old lady called Maria Lewanska, who reminds me a bit of my grandmother. She took some shamanic teachings over the years both from Polish and foreign teachers and at some point she got into contact with American Indians' traditions and read the book about the Clan Mothers, which later became the basis for the circles she created.

We are going to meet 13 times and work upon the 13 Clan Mothers - their aspects and teachings.
Last night we had an introductory meeting where we talked about ourselves, why we came and what we expected to learn. Girls had different reasons for being there, and my reason was that I felt recently I no longer want to be the leader for my friends (we had meetings every Wednesday for the past 1,5 year and I was teaching them medieval crafts), I wanted to become a part of the group as a pupil, with some older wise leader.

Then Maria showed us 13 pages with different Clan Mothers in the circle on the floor and told us to choose the ones we sat in front of (of course the choice was absolutely random, we just entered the room and chose this or that pillow on the floor, not paying any attention to the pictures in the middle).
Here is the Mother I chose:

Clan Mother: Storyteller
Her Teaching:
how to speak the truth
Guardian of traditional stories and Keeper of humour.

She speaks from personal experience and teaches without judging others.
She teaches us how to be a student as well as teacher of truth.
She carries life lessons in her stories and remembers the wisdom that comes from experience.

How about that? *^v^*

I didn't mention that my friend Anna has also joined the circle and I'm glad because I hope to spend more time with her and to get to know her better. ^^

I'm also getting braver with my journal - it's no longer a one or two colour page with words in black marker - it's textures, colours, stamps, images,... *^v^*
I'm no longer scared of layers - I admired them in the past in other people's journals but somehow couldn't bring myself to some experiments with multiple layers. This year - it seems I can! =^v^=

And the girl is also there (she already occupied the third spread too, not finished yet... ^^), she speaks on my behalf, is she me? my muse? my soul? my daughter-to-be? I don't know yet, maybe one day I will find out.

And I feel new paintings coming, the canvases are waiting so expect new pieces soon!
(Most of the old ones are still available on my Etsy.)

The girl says: "Silence".


  1. it takes courage to follow your heart.... follow yours...and I Love cisza...its something I need lots of!

  2. You're off to a great start! Well done on taking the jump.

    And yes, sometimes we simply outgrow our roles as "teachers" and "way-showers" and need to step out of this dynamic and further onto our own journey. Know that you don't have to hold your friends' hands... you can always guide them by exemple, by living your life to the fullest. I think the Clan Mothers will agree :-)

    "Dzinkuje" for your comment on my blog.

  3. I think you have mastered the layers. Your journal pages is beautiful evidence.

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  5. Huni-ji gambatte ne! Just be carefull with the weed :-))).

  6. Fantastic news, I'm sure you will enjoy the 13 . I love that book and really appreciated my year of working with the grandmothers:)
    After all I feel life is lived as a spiral so we don't want to stay in the same place doing same thing all the time

  7. Your doing great! i am so happy to hear that you have joined these two groups. They sound like they will be great for you in many ways!
    To be a teacher i think one must never stop learning-so i think that's wonderful that you are taking on the role of a pupil!
    Have Fun!!

  8. wow!
    i meant to begin the 100 day challenge too. and began in a very very small way. I'm sure you'll find much joy and magic and friendship.

  9. Ah, a woman's group sounds wonderful. I wish to find one close to where I live one day and join as well. Hope you learn much and grow, grow, grow.