Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First FO of 2008

Let me proudly present my first knitting FO of 2008 - DROPS wristwarmers:

The light is terrible these days so you cannot fully appreciate the colours, but I like them very much! These were knitted from the yarn in my stash, no labels, and I have plenty left so last Saturday I started another pair - the Composed Mitts from the Fall IK.

The first one is almost done, apart from the thumb (I'm knitting it longer than in the pattern) and millions of ends to weave in. I omitted the bobbles at the very beginning of a mitten because I couldn't really handle four needles and making bobbles at the same time...
I feel tempted to knit the other one in a slightly different colour scheme, I mean replace the khaki with blue, and the other way around, what do you think? *^v^*

After these ones I want to knit some proper mittens or gloves, with fingers, ect - if you know any free pattern for some Norwegian, Turkish or Latvian mittens and gloves, send me a link! ^^

We've been ill for the past few days (Robert 's worse and he even got a sick leave), so I don't have any new paintings to show you - it's impossible to paint and sleep at the same time..., so I'll leave you with some pages from my Yuletime Journal, only a few pages left to fill! ^^

I would also like to say that I'm very happy with some new people visiting my blog and leaving comments (and the old readers, too, of course! ^^), I appreciate your input so please come back for more! *^v^*


  1. Great armwarmers!!

    A few links:






  2. Ojej! Są niesamowicie piękne! Wielki szacunek dla Twoich umiejętności!

  3. Your drops wristwarmers is "flotte" :)

  4. http://nelly.planet.ee/ise/ajakirjad/ajakirjad4/index.htm

  5. oh yay! you have a first FO too!! They look great!! And i really like the composed mitts as well-the colors are working together very well.
    Your Yuletime journal is coming alonf nicely-it will be so great to look back on it in a few years :)

  6. hope your bothfeeling better soonand can get back to some painting! we are getting shorter days here so that must mean the sun is heading YOUR way!!