Monday, January 21, 2008


The Girl says "hi!" and thanks you for the compliments! *^v^*
Still without a name, she boldly jumps all over my art journal pages and accompanies me wherever I go.
, frankly speaking I have no idea what she symbolizes - as I wrote before, maybe she is my muse? or my inner child? or my future child? or my guide?
She just started to appear on my art journal pages at the beginning of 2008 and so far existed on every page I created. When I get a prompt, an idea for the spread, she is there as if it was only natural that she should be there. Intriguing, right? *^v^*

100 Day Challenge - day 63

One of my goals was to be inspired everyday to create something new and interesting, and life goes along the strange paths sometimes. I had in mind my paintings and my journal pages, and I couldn't ask for more inspiration in those two areas, but what also surprisingly "took off" was my art merchandise productivity.
I sell things at some on-line galleries and to be frank I haven't done any updates in a long time... I just didn't feel inspired, motivated, I felt lazy and couldn't bring myself to sit at the sewing machine... But with the beginning of 2008 I suddenly followed some of my ideas and realized them!

I prepared a new batch of pincushions, created the "sleep goggles" out of fabric scraps

and, what I'm most proud of, I made a whole batch of leather painted bracelets!

More to see (and buy) here:

What's more, I already started the next batch of bracelets and also new products for Easter (but more about it when it's finished, I'm even happy to share the pattern, so please come back! ^^).

Somebody, stop me! =^v^=

Tomorrow I'm meeting Anna for an art evening together and I'm making faworki - the traditional Polish cookies for the carnival season. Stay tuned! *^v^*


  1. I like your muse! I think there is something special about '08 and getting special little projects completed. Your projects are so unique and enjoy looking at them!

  2. That's so great that you have a friend popping up and guiding you :) Whatever she may symbolize-she suits you :)
    I really like the fabric you used for your "sleep goggles" i wear one every night but it's nowhere near as fun as those :)
    Your bracelets look great-and so perfect-Is it hard painting on the leather?
    You are so talented Joanna!!!!
    Have a great evening with Anna!!!