Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I like from time to time to read my old blog posts, from the very beginning of my blogging past or from several months ago, because I can see what was happening to me at that time and what changed and how I changed overtime.

Recently I've been looking for something in my January 2007 posts and I stumbled upon these words (24th Jan 2007):

I've been having an urge recently to create something. A piece of art. Not like Picasso piece of art, of course, not something big that will sell immediately and will be remembered forever *^v^*, but the art as opposed to something useful.
A bag I sew is an useful item, a skirt, a choker, a knitted scarf - these are all items to be used. And I enjoy making them, I always have and I always will.

But I suddenly I felt I'd like to make something totally un-useful (but not useless... ^^), something that you don't use, you just hang it on the wall or put it on the mantlepiece, and occasionally enjoy while passing the room running your errands. (Some may say art has its use, more spiritual than physical, appealing to our senses and emotions and in this way making us feel better. And I would absolutely agree.)

I fight with myself because one part of me says that it's a waste of time to make something that cannot be physically used. But on the other hand I would like to just sit for an hour or two, over the piece of paper, with a pencil and paints, (yes, that's something I more or less can do - draw), switch off my mind and let the fingers do the work. Or maybe do something with pieces of fabrics, turn them into a quilt-picture?
Maybe I should just give it a try, who knows what I can create? *^v^*

And today, almost exactly one year later, I'm creating paintings, I'm filling my second art journal, I made my first paper doll and ATC cards, I even sold two of my paintings to complete strangers who liked them and decided to have them in their homes! *^v^*

How about that? =^v^=

I also changed my way of thinking about the products I create for the galleries - I used to think about them in a categories: "they will/won't sell, they're potentially profitable". Now I am more inclined to think "I enjoy making these items, they're cute, I like them so others may like them as well and buy them".

Apparently I don't know anything about colour theory and how to apply colour combinations...
I started my Tiffany mittens and when I reached the palm I chose dark blue and maroon.

How come those two colours look so beautiful when placed side by side in skeins, but they look so awful mixed in this intricate pattern?
Okay, at least to me they do. I knitted several rows and then started to have doubts, stopped and thought about it, and frogged!
I decided to replace the maroon with light brown and the difference is clear! Now it works! *^v^*

I'll try to take better pictures when they're finished, but now I'm much happier with the result. I changed the design a bit because I had to work on 55 stitches, not 60 as in the pattern. For the first time I made the cute turned out cuff like this and I love it! I hope it won't curl up after blocking. ^^

Have a happy Wednesday, I'm definitely going to have fun tonight because I'm meeting Anna and we are going to a Hot Chocolate Cafe, yikes! *^v^*


  1. Congratulations for selling your paintings! And there is a buisness side and a "happy creating side" of art I think, maybe one don't have to choose? Hopefully it can be both, I'm voting for you!

  2. Your mitts look great with the brown-good choice to switch the colors :)
    it must make you proud to look back after a year and see that you are doing what you wanted to do!! Yay for you!!
    Have fun at the Hot Chocolate Cafe.

  3. its so wonderful when you can monitor and see how much progress youve already made...keep on with your goals! good luck and dont give up now! krissie f rom message in a bottle blog - cant be bothered logging in today!!