Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why, oh why?!...

As of Jan 1st BBC Prime stopped broadcasting to Poland.
It was one of two tv channels I've watched (the other is a Polish cooking channel, Kuchnia TV).
I loved all the old comedies, "The Good Life", "Yes, Minister", "Keeping Up Appearances", gardening and interior design series, not to mention the famous "Eastenders".

I will miss you dearly...


  1. "Keeping up Appearances" one of m favorites!!

  2. They have "Keeping Up Appearances" on my local public TV station... it's one of my favorites, too!

  3. little frustrating when they take away a channel you like-they do that here all the time but hey more crafty time :)

  4. I think its probably another cost cutting excercise! what a shame for you!

  5. Sorry to hear that :-(

    The BBC has launched an online video program which allows you to download TV programs you missed. You might want to check it out

    But I agree... less TV means more time for art, crafting, writing and other passions :-)

  6. Well yeah, but... The BBC decided to make it available only for Windows users among whom my progressive Huni-Ji is not (to my greatest proud!). Details are here:

    I understand the concern for content rights assurance but... isn't BBC a public station? Well, this is something for separate discussion, the important thing is you can not watch BBC on-demand without Windows.

    And the second thing - the BBC decision to stop broadcasting BBC Prime in Poland is not a cost-cutting one. Their site assures that they will launch some other chanels instead - dedicated ones like Entertainment or Knowledge. But... "(...)the channel schedules will be specifically tailored for local audiences and (...) will be fully-lectored into Polish(...)". We were watching BBC Prime channel because it is a British one, which particulary means _different_ from the Polish ones. Not that we think all what is British (or foreign) is beter than what we have here, no. We just like to have access to different things, not only to "localised" spam... Well, bye bye BBC :-/.