Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Yesterday I didn't feel very well, so I spent the day on the sofa, knitting and drinking numerous mugs of Dilmah Ginger Tea (mixed with a juice from half a lemon and orange plus 1 tsp of honey). While playing with the TV remote I stumbled upon the amazing movie called "Baraka" (1992). It's a collection of shots taken all over the world, illustrated with a calming instrumental music. Some of the scenes are beautiful, some are interesting, some shocking. Overall this 1,5 hr of watching the changing pictures without a single word spoken left me incredibly silenced, grounded and balanced.
What came to my mind while watching this movie is the following: the more so-called "primitive" cultures are, the more colourful, patterned and embellished their jewelry and clothes are. Look at the Western cultures - the more civilized we regard ourselves, the more plain, simple, black and grey clothes we choose, and think about those as sophisticated and elegant (office suits, little black dress, minimalistic jewelery). Maybe it comes from the fact that we are surrounded by so many colours and patterns on every step in our cities, that we tend to withdraw from them on a more close-to-our-bodies level.
People living closer to Nature are usually surrounded by green grass, blue sky and water, brown trees and animal furs, so they long for colours and are not afraid to mix and match different shades and patterns to enliven their colour palette.
Just a thought. *^v^*


BTW, did I mention that I'm modifying the Lydia pattern? Not much, I just want it to be a bit unusual so I'm starting the sleeves with exactly the number of stitches that are supposed to be at the top part in the armpit after many increases. Is this understandable the way I put it? ^^ In this way I will not be bothered by the increases and I will end up with very wide at the cuffs, bell sleeves which I'm going to gather with a thread to get the right effect. The only problem is, I won't be knitting Lydia out of the blue Ultra Kasmir...

I started the sleeves and it doesn't look good, this yarn is just too thick... It looks okay-ish in stockinette but not in the lacy part, phew...
So, I'm ordering another thinner yarn (in different colour, because there is no nice blue shade available, yikes...) and the blue Himalaya must wait for some nice design (I already have some ideas, we will see).

On the other hand my ordered Luna yarn for Lords & Ladies arrived and it's too thin... It's a curse or something!.. I don't have access to KSH so I thought I would use the yarn with the same weight (metres per grams). It seems that it's not that simple.
Oh, boy!...

One more BTW, here is the weird knitting fact about myself - I like sewing up the pieces of the knitted garments! *^v^* I was scared to death by it before I made my first sweater and HAD TO sew it together. From that time mattress stitch is my best friend! =^v^=


  1. That film sounds wonderful-i will have to look it up :)
    It is very true though that less civilized or primitive cultures do amazing things with color and it is in everything they do clothes, jewelry and home-its wonderful i wish it was like that everywhere-really in our culture you stand out if you have to much color.

    I'm sorry to hear your luck with the yarns for your patterns isn't going so well-but you have to make sure you are happy and that the yarn does compliment the pattern. But i like you idea for the Bell sleeves!!

  2. hope you feel better after some nice tea..yummy and a rest? Please post in some more of those journal wonderful garden posts!!