Tuesday, April 01, 2008

You know that your husbands loves you when...

... he comes home and gives you a bag containing this:

saying "I thought you might like those, I didn't know what to choose so I chose your favourite flowers napkin for collage and a crackle paste and some roller for your art. And a chocolate." *^v^*

Some FOs for you, first of all, a pair of naalbinded socks I made for a friend:


Then, finally my three finished paintings! *^v^*
This is the new style, new me, as I said to Robert, the world of Nature crawled upon my canvases and wants to stay for a while, I'm calling them The Mysterious Garden series.

These are all 10x13 in mixed media paintings, using collage papers and napkins, everyday use objects and papers (like newspaper, ect), acrylic paints, ink, varnish.
There is one more painting almost finished and I'm out of canvases... I'm ordering new batch today and I'm going to experiment a bit - I'm enlarging the size of my paintings to see how I feel with bigger surfaces to cover! *^v^*


I also started next knitting project - because I bought the yarn for this one at the wholesaler before the green yarn for Lords&Ladies cardigan arrived, it's Lydia from Rowan 41 first. I decided to be brave and try out the blue colour. *^v^* (well, it was helpful that there were only red, maroon and ecru/pastels apart from that blue to choose from! ^^)

I bought Himalaya Ultra Kasmir yarn (340 m/100g) and I can see already that it's going to be a challenge because it has some long hair along the main thread. But it gave me a nice gauge so I will try it out.
I wanted to buy Polish Sasanka by Anilux (500 m/100g, very soft), but they had only 1kg packages and no blue shades. My second choice was Kartopu Tiftik (500 m/100g), but I touched my face and neck with it and it is scratchy, with 30% of mohair...

As for my UFO's, Azalea is almost finished (but it takes some time to knit the front band... You start with 400 stitches and increase the number to over 1000 stitches in the last row!...) and Capri (which needed a second dyeing session, the first one brought an awful spotted effect, I don't know why because Azalea dyed very evenly at the first attempt) needs the buttons.

PS.: I noticed some new readers leaving me nice comments recently - keep coming, I love visiting new blogs and finding new blogging friends! *^v^*


  1. That is one of the sweetest gifts I've seen in a long time.

  2. I love your paintings! Very inspiring...keep painting I will keep watching!

  3. Those naalebinding socks are great!

    And what a sweet gift you got :)

  4. the blue yarn has a wonderful colour, I think it's a good choice !

  5. What a thoughtful gift from hubby!!

    I am in complete awe of your new series of paintings-they are amazing!!

    I think the blue yarn will be lovely!

  6. how inspiring..the garden. What talent and how versatile you are Joanna! just wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing more of your garden series!

  7. Your mysterious garden paintings are wonderful and what a lovely husband you have!

  8. Bardzo ładne obrazy... ciekawe jakie mają naprawdę wymiary - chociaż sądząc po kluczu, to niezbyt wielkie... w sam raz do niezbyt dużego wnętrza... ;-))))))))

    A co do kupowania włóczek, ja mam zwykle odwrotną kolejność - widzę włóczkę, kupuję, a potem myślę, co z niej zrobić (to też nie jest łatwe).