Sunday, March 30, 2008


Because I'll be buying new yarn nowadays (and Myriam asked me about my favourite colours), I've been thinking recently about the colours I tend to choose.

It's definitely easy for me to say which colours I don't like: greyish dark blue, dull greys light and dark, anything ecru/light brown/undecided brown, pastels.

There are colours I like but don't wear very often, like yellow - it's a great colour but I cannot have it close to my face because my skin turns pale and yellowy shade...

There are obvious colours like black or white, although I don't have a single white blouse or t-shirt. I have one off-white cardigan.

My favourites are: all shades of red (but rather darker than light), all shades of pink/fuchsia/violet, light green, brick orange, warm chocolate browns. Blue is a strange colour - I like it and I like it on me, but I don't have it in my wardrobe.

Now when it's the time to choose the yarns for the next projects I still cannot break loose from that red addiction - I'm considering buying brick orange mohair for Lords&Ladies cardigan from Rowan 41 (above), but there is also a beautiful blue available and I'm scared to try it out... The "what-if" disease is bothering me, "what if it's not the good shade? what if I look poorly in it?" and "maybe I should buy the red/orange yarn to be on the safe side?".

I might buy blue for the Lydia sweater (also Rowan 41), which is blue in original and will be my next in line project.

I tend to stick to the good old tried out choices (like going out with my friend Anna to the cafe and ordering apple pie every time... she said last time laughing at me "Be brave, take a risk and eat something else!" but at the last moment I changed my order to an apple pie...). But to find my insecurities go out in the yarn shopping?... It's silly!

I already bought this shaded green and I'm not sure I've done the right thing - what if it's going to pool?... I'm waiting for my order to arrive so I'll know as soon as I make a swatch.

Do you have such problems with choosing the yarn? Do you make easy choices or think about what colours to choose endlessly, like me?


  1. Oh, I am just like that :) As the matter of fact, I take things one step forward. After having chosen the yarn in the manner you described, I start (re)choosing the pattern... Sometimes I just wish somebody else would make decisions instead of me.

  2. I do the same thing there is a top i have been wanting to make for over a year now and i still have not because i am afraid of picking the wrong color and i really dont want to go with the usual.
    The 2 sweaters you are planning on knitting look lovely. I think blue for Lydia would be very nice :)