Friday, March 07, 2008

Knitting on fire!

I don't want you to get he wrong impression that the only thing I do nowadays is making cakes. Oh, no! I also knit. And put down fires.
Yes, as for the knitting...

Oh, you wanted to hear the fire story first? Okay.

Yesterday when I came home after some shopping I found out that there are black clouds of smoke coming from the balcony next to our flat. I immediately called the Fire Brigade, but also went out on my balcony and found out that the fire has started under my neighbors' balcony, where there were some belongings of the homeless man sleeping there for some time. Fortunately he wasn't present at that time!
Some people came and I started to fill my big dyeing pan with water and give them over the balcony rail to put down the flames. When the Firemen came it was almost over but of course they checked everything twice and poured a lot of water all over the place (and into the basement just in case).

Today I have to clean the outer windows on my balcony, because they are grey from the smoke, but I'm glad I came home on time to react. My next door neighbors are in worse situation - their outer windows and rails are totally black with soot!
All's well that ends well and the Wonder Knitting Woman to the rescue! *^v^*
(My friend Anna told me to make a journal page about it, with a Wonder Girl with a hose. I might! =^v^=).

All right, as for the knitting, since Durrow has eaten the last skein of yarn and I have to get some more, it's on hold and I started something new, for me this time. I still have a lot of cotton from last year's Tomato top, so I started Azalea from Rowan 41.

I love the delicate feminine romantic feel of this cardi and the cotton/mohair combination (it will be in my case, because I don't have Kid Silk Haze to finish the edges, I'll probably use some dark red mohair I dyed last year).

Please don't think about my Azalea in terms of this orange colour, it will be overdyed with some amaranth or red (when it's finished, of course)! *^v^*
It's a nice and fairly quick pattern but I'm having some troubles with incorporating new stitches I'm adding on both sides into the flow of a design... I'm somehow confused with this part, but the rest I like very much. Lucky me there is no increase shaping on both fronts and the back, only decreases, it will be much easier to knit! *^v^*


  1. What a hero girl! :-) Love the sweater, so romantic and ♥ too, how cute!

  2. Yay for the Wonder Girl!!
    look at you knitting away on Azalea-looks good!!

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  4. Wonder Woman (must be sung like in the tv show) you rock!

    You really have to do a page with you as WW... I can't wait to see it.

    my word verification is dyesoszt doesn't it seems like it should be a combination word of Polish and English to dye something :D