Thursday, March 27, 2008

Land musings (and knitting)

Report from the knitting front: Azalea has been dyed and dried, and has one of the most exquisite colours I've ever seen!

I know this is not the most flattering shot of the cardigan but I just wanted to show you the colour, which is a dark juicy redbrick. Now I have to buy the longest circular 3mm needle available to finish the hems with mohair. (I only have 60 cm needle and it's not long enough to accommodate all the stitches).
The stitches loosened up in the dye bath so it will eventually remind the original version of this cardigan! *^v^*

Capri has now two sleeves, back and left front, right front still to knit (it will be tricky because I want to make buttonholes along the hem, not in the original design, so I have to distribute them myself).

Any minute now (probably next week ^^) I will be sooooo ready for Spring, with my two new cotton cardigans, but where is it?
This is the view from my balcony this morning - some Spring, ha!...


I've been thinking about my land (MY land, ha! *^v^*) constantly recently. We talked about it with our families over the Easter meetings and they were all excited. I know things hasn't moved on much since our visit there last weekend, but I can feel the Wheels of the Universe turn and this dream coming closer to realization.

I've been imagining not only the house there, but also the rose bush in front of the dining room window, the birdbath in the garden (but who needs a birdbath when there is a lake nearby?...), the magnolia tree next to the path leading from the gate to the main door, sunny deck with a blanket to rest on and read a book (and knit! and paint! ^^), listening to the sounds of the countryside - cows mooing, birds singing. I started to make a list of trees and plants I would like to grow there, both ornamental and for fruits.

I can see us living there and living a better, fuller life, along the different schedule and time scale. Funny thing - whenever we are at the Grandfather's cottage, we always wake up very early - 7 o'clock, and it is early, especially for me! ^^. As if we don't want to loose the day, irrespective of the weather or the activities we have planned.

And even if we don't buy this land, we will start to look for another one somewhere else, because we are tired of living in the city.

I cannot wait till 11th April, when we are going there for a weekend! *^v^*


  1. Your thoughts are exactly the ones we've been having about living in the city. Although we won't be as far out of the city as you, I can't wait to be able to sit outside on my very own lot and knit or just enjoy being there. Right now if we want to go out it usually means walking slalom along the sidewalk to avoid the dog pooh and then heading to a public playground. I want my own back yard. I hope this lot comes through for you!! Oh by the way, your cake was wonderful!! It was gone so fast yesterday that I had to bake 2 more this morning-good thing I'm still on vacation. :))

  2. The color turned out beautiful on you Azalea!
    It is snowing outside right now as i write this-the second time this "Spring" so i am just as ready as you for spring-hope your snow melts soon and some warmer weather comes your way!

    Your imagining a wonderful home for yourself and your land-i can't wait for you to have it. I really would consider myself a country girl but as spring is supposed to be coming i think of all th wonderfu things you can do out in the country and just being in nature-around here there is NOTHING besides a Marsh about 40 mins away and some public parks. I love how in Germany by my grandma even though she does live in the city she only has to go very short distances to be in all kinds of nature thats what i wish we had here.
    You will have such a wonderful time one your weekend when you go!!!! a little taste of your future :)

  3. The red is perfect, great job in getting it so red and beautiful!

  4. I wish you good luck getting exactly the property you want. We bought ours twenty six years ago when we were still engaged. (I was meeting my future in-laws for the first time, their farm was just two miles away, so hubby grew up here, I was not born in the states) when we saw it on a drive, and we knew we had to buy it! There are things I miss about living near a city, but not much--- mostly the convenience of the shops,( I buy online often) and the winters are lonely, but we do travel often, and it's always nice to be home. We had a twelve year mortgage so it has been totally ours for some time, and that's a great feeling! So just stay as positive as you have been, and it will work out for you.
    The red dyed sweater is lovely!

  5. I love the color Azalea turned out--it actually looks like one of the deep pink azalea flowers!