Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ostara presents

Yes, it may not have been a tradition up till now, but I can easily adopt it from now on - I received some goodies this morning, so I will call them my Ostara/Easter presents! *^v^*

First, some mod podge from Carol (thank you very much! ^^):

Then, some more mod podge, and amazing selection of golden gel mediums, and beautiful brads, and a bunny postcard, and some collage papers, and a batch of zip lock bags from Myriam! Thank you so much! =^v^=

I will share the first experiments with all these soon, when I'm finished with Spring cleaning and finally have some time to play with my neglected paints and canvases (but there has been something going on with them, believe me, as well as in my journal, I just started a few things at the same time and haven't finished them yet, but I'll have a big batch of works to show you soon ^^).

I finished Azalea last night and I have some thoughts on that design:
- first of all, when I started to knit it I didn't think about the fact, that the model in the picture was wearing a cardigan two sizes too big for her, hence the beautiful effect of a romantic loose jacket, mine is rather tight, not too small, perfect for my size, but close to my body
- then, I made 30 cm of the cardi before I started to shape the sleeve decreases and it gave me a short version, barely reaching my hips - which again is okay but that's not what I saw in the picture
- on the other hand, I knit size 14 (which is my bust size) but it's too wide in the waist

So, as long as I like the result, at this stage it's not what I wanted to get. And I'm thinking about modifying the design and creating a short cardigan without the mohair edges (maybe?) but with some crocheting (maybe?), buttoned up or tied at the side (maybe?). *^v^*

I will decide after dyeing, because the yarn may loosen up in a hot bath and I may get quite a different cardigan after all. ^^ (remember, this is the last time you see Azalea in this crazy orange!)

And since I still have about 400 g of this orange cotton, I HAVE TO used it up on something, I cast on for the Capri cardigan from Rowan 43. I feel the need for a small sweaterlette (can it be such a word? ^^) in my wardrobe. =^v^=

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  1. yay so glad you got your package already-have fun playing with it all! I usually dont go over in that section of my craft store unless i need something specific-i couldn't believe all the different brads and decorations and just stuff they have.
    Azalea does look nice but i am sorry to hear that it didnt come out exactly how you wanted-i am excited to see its final color though and maybe once you see it in color-you will get an idea as to what to do next :)