Monday, March 24, 2008


I won something incredible in the recent giveaway by Lindsay - her beautiful paper theatre (you can see it here)!
For some time I wanted to construct the type of a one-performer-theater with a small wooden frame, backpack type, and puppets, to show plays to children during the medieval events I'm attending. Unfortunately then I found out that puppet theaters are much, much younger than Xth or even XIIIth century, in fact they first appeared around XVIIth c, so I dropped this idea. Now, as I have lots of brads and will have this gem in my possession, it may boost my paper doll production and maybe I will create my own paper/wooden theatre for my own entertainment, who knows? *^v^*

On Saturday I started Capri's sleeves and I finished them last night, after three visits to our families (and lots of eating, lucky me Easter feasting is over and we can now go back to normal portions and three moderate meals a day, phew....^^).
Today I'm casting on for the Capri's back, dyeing Azalea and meeting my friend Anna for tea and cake at our place.
As for the Spring, when we drawn away the curtains this morning, we saw the world covered (and is still being covered) with snow!...


  1. Congrats on the win it is beautiful!!
    I loved your doll-i would love to see more :)
    Sounds like you had a wonderful easter-we did as well and also ate to much :) but isnt that part of the fun of holidays.
    Will you be dying Capri as well when it is done?
    Oh no-we got now on Friday afternoon and it continued all night. But it has melted very quickly-i hope it does the same for you when it is all done. It hasnt been a very springy Spring so far lol

  2. Yay for playing with dolls and putting up a show - I'll come see, where do I buy the ticket? You should make a movie and upload to youtube when you've made your dolls! :-)