Monday, March 10, 2008

Manifesting, manifesting!

How was your weekend?
Mine was very busy, because we had some friends over for dinner on Sunday, so I was shopping, cleaning, cooking, ect. It was a total success apart from the fact that I still have so much food left that I might feed twice as many people as there were visiting... I must work on my estimating skills! *^v^*
For a dessert I prepared a white chocolate & cranberries cheesecake in two versions: with cranberries and with cherries, and I must admit I like the latter version even more! ^^

I also did a bit of knitting since the last time, the sleeves of Azalea's (doesn't it sound like a name for some geographical structure, "the Sleeves of Azalea" is the famous rock formation in this region, *^v^*) are almost ready. In fact, it is a great idea to knit the sleeves first, because when you finish the body of the sweater, the only thing to do is to sew it together and voila! At least it works for me! *^v^*
I also found online and ordered two more skeins of yarn for Robert's Durrow.

Now, onto the big news!
As you know, as part of the 100 Day Challenge (season II) I'm trying to manifest different things in my life, one of them being the place to live - our own perfect apartment or a house. I don't really have a specific image of the place because I believe that if it's perfect for me it will come to me, in whatever form it is.
Now, let me tell you that something magical and great is unfolding in front of my own eyes - there is an opportunity for us to buy a piece of land.
Yes, a piece of land! *^v^*
What are the pros?
It's fairly cheap, relatively big, it's next door to the cottage of Robert's Grandfather's, it's about 1 hour by car far from Warsaw, and it has a direct access to the lake. The LAKE!

We are going to talk to the banks now to arrange the credit for it, travel there next weekend to see all the papers and see the land itself (we often passed by it while being on vacation at the cottage but didn't really pay much attention to the size of the plot, ect), talk to the owner to reduce the price a bit.

It's still a long way to ownership. There is a mountain of paperwork to be gathered and hours of thorough thinking about it. But the opportunity is there, right in front of us, it opened at this very moment and we are going to try and grab it! *^v^*

There is no house on this land and if we buy it there probably won't be a house there for another several years. But that's okay, we can wait and one never knows what future may bring.

If I were a typical superstitious Polish person, I wouldn't say a word about it until the moment we signed the papers, because I would be scared I may jinx the whole transaction. But I'm not typical! ^^ And I believe that when you state your wish out loud, the Universe can hear it and help you with fulfilling it. How else could It know what you wish for and help? So, I'm saying out loud, if that's the land perfect for us, let us have it, please! *^v^*

Wouldn't you like to have the view like this from your craft room or living room? *^v^*


  1. Oh yes! and I wish it for you, too.

  2. Yes I would, Joanna - I definately would. It's lovely.
    skymring aka huldremor

  3. I looks beautiful - good luck! :-)

  4. That sounds wonderful Joanna!!! i will also think positive vibes for you and this venture :)
    sounds like you had a good weekend. i am always bad with estimating how much i need to cook as well and then end up with lots of extra but better extra than not enough :)

  5. joanna - its so lovely I hope and wish so hard for you to get it and eventually maybe live there....keep wishing and hoping - the universe is listening!

  6. What a great news! Crossing fingers for you from Canada. If you, like some people, have a hard time imaginine your dream coming true, try materializing it now! You can get any object, stone or anything that you could say that would represent your dream/plans on our real world. Set on the land and everytime you think about it, imagine your object growing there and turning into a house, barn, whatever you want.
    You will be helping creating its own energy field and can generate the synchronistic involvemente of people and circunstances required to carry the idea through to the next stage of life. - This is the Universe setting things up!

  7. oh that will be wonderful - and you could camp on vacations on it for years before you built -

  8. sending good wishes your way about the land. you guys can do it!