Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Houston, we have a pair of sleeves!

Guys, you rock! Thank you for your spiritual support of my dream about the land, I'm sure it all sums up and grows in force, and the message to the Universe will be stronger and more clear. *^v^*
And I love the method to visualize your dream given by Babi Sugarman, I'm going to try it out with different dreams of mine! =^v^=

Houston, we have a pair of sleeves!
Which is not a problem at all! *^v^*

I finished the Azalea's sleeves last night and today I'm going to cast on for the body plus this morning I received two additional skeins of black Merino and I'll be finishing Durrow for Robert, yikes! ^^

New Knitty is up and I'm not impressed at all. Weird.

Lace ribbon scarf is okay.
Mosey legwarmers are nice.

But the rest? I'm not much into knitting socks and knitting lace shawls nowadays and knitting for kids at all. There are some sweaters but... they are ... hm... just plain. Not a challenge. Nothing interesting going on. You might say what else can be invented with two sleeves and the main body of the sweater. But it can!
Lucky me I've got my Rowans! *^v^*


  1. You've finished the sleeves already! Great work Joanna, they are beautiful though I think they will be even more beautiful when you color them in another color... :-)

  2. the Azalea model seems to grow pretty! I'll be glad to see it finished on your blog ! And good luck for the handsome land near the lake, a very beautiful dream...

  3. look at you buzzin along on Azalea. looks good so far.
    I can wait to see Durrow all done-i am sure Robert is anxious as well to be able to wear it.
    Will have to look at knitty-i havent yet. lately things i have seen havent really spoken to me-i was a bit disapointed with the last Interweave Knits-nothing really popped out at me-and i think i am avoiding bigger projects lol

  4. Wow, so much going on since I was last able to check in! Fighting fires, possible property purchase, Azalea (looks lovely!). Sending you all good thoughts!