Sunday, March 16, 2008

A piece of land

We're back from the land viewing and I have some yummy photos for you! *^v^*

We talked to the owner of the land and he promised to get all the papers so we could check everything at the Community Office. We thoroughly walked over the land up and down and took pictures of it. I left the small stone there to help me connect with this place when I'm not there and work on my dream (thank you, Babi! *^v^*).

All I can say for now is that: we will see about that.
For some reasons, this is the perfect land for us.
For other reasons, maybe it's not that attractive. It's long and narrow, it may be flooded in Springs, part of it is a marsh. First we have to check the paperwork and if it's fine - definitely go down with the price.
Anyway, have a look yourself:

Other photos:

Here is specially for Rho - my dress sewn from two pairs of jeans (Osh-Kosh and Beckham). It proved totally comfortable and warm on a slow nice walk along the riverbank yesterday! ^^

Here is Robert in his Durrow - it looks okay with the collar laid flat.

The cables repeated on the back.

And on the sleeves, as in the original.

Robert being silly!...
But I know this collar is too wide, I have to frog part of it and decrease the number of stitches, although I don't have to do this immediately - Robert says it's already too warm for him (it's 50/50 wool/acrylic), so he'll wear it next Autumn... *^v^*

And me in my Lucinda, I don't think I've modeled this one yet.

To finish this post nicely, here is the common view in the countryside in the area:


  1. I am glad you got to go and walk the land. The ball is rolling for sure. That last picture is awesome! I also enjoyed the sweater photos and the heart detail on the dress is wonderful.

  2. Thank You!! I love the dress so much - I may dig out my old bib jeans and see if a friend can do something similar for me - if you don't mind - Rich will hate it hehehe - we are soooo different how have we made it 30 years this year ;)

    hmmm maybe a stilt house on the land - you get an added benefit of a fantastic view from it too. The land is beautiful.

    The sweaters are super too - I have 3 inches of ribbing to go on my last sleeve on my simple top down sweater - ;D

    I swear the word verification for you is harder than anyone else
    has ... I know it will be more than one try on this one geeze....

  3. What nice land and great sweaters! So this is land you are looking to buy? Don't worry I have your stuff on my desk ready to go. Tomorrow if the roads are not too bad (snow) I will get to the postoffice!

  4. Oh we are living parallel lives! I love your piece of land. Isn't it exciting? Our piece is almost ours-there is just so much paper work to be done.
    Those sweaters are amazing! I love Durrow and I think the collar looks good the way it is.
    Keep us updated with the land. :)

  5. That was me. blogger is a pain

  6. Huni-ji you’ve forgotten to mention some very important things! First of all with this land we can get not only our own swamp but also inhabitants of it – the beavers! (Of course I know that you can’t actually own a beaver since it is an endangered species and is protected by law but who said we can not have our own little reserve? Not that we could do anything else in case we buy it :-).) We made some photos of intensive beaver activity in the area… Moreover this swamp is just perfect to become the sacred swamp where we could throw cheese as a pagan votive sacrifice :-) (yes, it’s kind of complicated local joke but I intend to do it anyway). And there is a great spot next to it to build there our own little medieval reenactment site – a hut and a small open shrine maybe? Lots of possibilities, andt for now "it's a deffinite maybe".

  7. The land look great but it is something you really have to think about and look at all the angles. But that is nice that you got to walk around and check it out.

    Robert's Durrow looks awesome!!! Looks very good on him.

    Your Lucinda look great as well-its nice to see it on you-i still love the color and it suits you so well.

  8. Great sweaters you have knitted !
    Your land sounds more and more appealing, I've never seen beavers but I think It would be fascinating to watch them...
    On the contrary the detail about the possibility of seeing the land flooded in spring ... hem hem...perhaps a house built on piles? I'm sure the beavers can do that !!!

  9. How very exciting for you! The land looks beautiful. I'd be a little anxious about the beavers myself, they can quickly create some major changes in land and water. And all your knitting and sewing looks fabulous. I'm very impressed.