Monday, April 14, 2008

Of frogs and land

Bad news is: we won't be buying the land we were supposed to buy.

We checked the plans at the Community Office and it seems that the allotments are placed in the area of the National Park of the Narew river and the birds reservation area, so there is no way we could build anything there.

Good news is, nobody will build anything there, so the view won't be spoiled. *^v^*

Another good news is, we will try now to buy a different allotment, smaller but with a house (to renovate), directly next to the allotment with the Grandpa's cottage. ^^

This allotment looks much more sensible, it's rectangular, with a lot of trees, some fruit ones (I've been collecting apples from one tree last year, hush, don't tell anyone!... ^^), with a house and a garden shed, with a potential for some house extension. It's a better value for money.

Now we will try to get the house expert there asap to check the house and tell us the amount of renovation needed, because there is a price difference between painting the walls and fighting the damp...

River Narew can be rough, especially when there is a very strong wind, like yesterday.

I had an agreement with the Universe, to help me with buying the land if it was a good land for us. And very quickly we found out that it wasn't, which saved us a lot of time and money. For which I am very grateful. I'll be seeking help with the next transaction. =^v^=

I also took some pictures of my recent knitted items, here is Capri:
And here is Azalea:
Lords & Ladies
is growing, I've almost finished the lace on the first sleeve, but it's not an easy type of lace, oh no!, so it doesn't go as fast as I would like to. And I think I have found the perfect yarn for Lydia - I'm going to buy Turkish Samara (60% mohair, 40% acrylic) by Madame Tricote. I wasn't sure about the scratchiness of the mohair, but I got info from a Polish fellow blogger Agnieszka that it's nice and soft, so I'm going to give it a go. *^v^*

Polish readers, do you remember Oranżada Wyborowa? It can still be bought at the nearby village shop! *^v^*


  1. Sorry to hear the news but Loooovvee the frog pictures! way to cute. Better things are on the way.

  2. Things happen in their time and usually I have found that the universe has a reason for them happening - the land got you thinking seriously about buying and it could be that this is the place that is perfect for you and you weren't ready to see it before.

    I have to admit that right now I am trying not to question the universe on something and I am working really really hard at finding that reason it happened the way it did... but I am sure a reason is there that I am just not seeing right now.

  3. Regarding the "Oranżada" question there is more in that particular release shown on the picture - it is one that is still sweetened with real plain sugar, not with some sweetener like aspartame or so. I am a gourmand of oranżada and I am looking for the local flavours always when visiting some rural place. Sadly there is little chance to buy it in the city where you can only get some modern 1.5L PET bottled ersatzes (like Helena or Zbyszko products). Even in the country there is little left of those local orenżadas and recently even if I find one it usually does not taste like it should because of the sweetener added instead of sugar. This one though is almost perfect - with sugar, some wild strawberrish flavour, red tincture and, if I am not mistaken, the proper dose of Sodium benzoate (E211). It requires a little stir before consumption and you just can't fake this tastes with contemporary replacements!

  4. wonderful photos of the beautiful countryside!

  5. Sorry to hear this land wont work out but happy to hear there is already another you like-and also happy to hear that the land you wanted will be protected-nature is such a wonderful thing and sometimes you see so little.
    your sweaters look lovely on you-i really like them both!!!