Monday, April 07, 2008


That's a good title for the first post of the week, ne? =^v^=

Thank you for the compliments on my two cardigans, they will definitely be the essential parts of my Spring/Summer wardrobe. And I already decided what to knit with the blue Ultra Kasmir yarn, but more about it later this week. *^v"*

Krissie asked me about the sources of inspiration for my artwork - it's similar with the journal pages (these are mostly done on prompts) as well as with my paintings on canvases - sometimes I just catch some idea in my head and I just know what I want to put on the page before it's done, sometimes I just know a colour of two, or some element, and then when I work other bits and pieces come together. I always wondered how it happens that an artist paints such and such a picture - now I know, it just comes to you, whether before you started or in the course of working on it. I let my mind wander and catch the thoughts and images that want to stay for longer. And of course I look at the works of others, analyze them sometimes, learn the techniques, get to know the tools, experiment. *^v^*

This was a very fruitful weekend, how was yours? *^v^*
We mostly stayed at home, made things and watched movies (let me mention Thai "Last Life in the Universe" or "The Godfather" among others). Robert sewn by hand two pairs of medieval linen underwear for himself and I dug out three fabrics for the medieval dresses I'm going to make plus I finished the body of the Lords & Ladies cardigan. Yes, I know, it's knitting incredibly quickly! ^^ But with the sewing thread-like yarn held double and 4 mm needles it's not surprising. I am amazed how light it is - it weights only 82 g up till now! ^^

Today I'm starting the sleeves and I will have to buy one more skein of Luna to finish the lace parts. Good news is - the yarn doesn't pool! It gives a very nice effect of the sun spots on the darker green surface, yummy! *^v^*


Today I went totally bananas when I was coming home from grocery shopping - I was humming and singing all the way home and then even when unpacking the bags in the kitchen! *^v^* But the day is so beautiful and warm, and I was wearing my Capri cardi, so I couldn't resist. Plus, I've heard a good eco news in the L.Eclerc supermarket - as of tomorrow they've decided to stop supplying buyers with free thin plastic bags and they will be offering cheap multi use bags made of recycled sturdy plastic which can be replaced in the supermarket when they get tattered! How about that?! *^v^*

Now I'm going to put a moisturizing face mask on, relax a bit ad then start cooking a chicken soup for lunch. And cast on for the L&L sleeves, and cut out the pieces of the dresses from the fabrics I found on Sunday, and make laundry, and vacuum the carpets (the cat is loosing her Winter coat everywhere, ugh...), and do millions of other things. Go, me! =^v^=


  1. I believe Leclerc does the same thing here in Slovenia too i.e. give you a free bage if you bring back the old one. It's just too bad that nobody seems to care about it. I hope they stop giving out the small thin plastic ones for free, maybe that ought to do it.

  2. Whew-sounds like you have quite a day ahead of you :)
    I really like the yarn you chose for L&L-it's going to be a beauty when finished.
    i wish the stores here would stop offering plastic bags, they have some fabric bags you can buy for 99 cents and some people do buy them but until they get rid of the plastic bags everyone will still use the plastic bags.