Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A dilema

Remember Quarry cardigan?

I bought the latest Rowan issue almost purely for this garment. It was the first on my to-knit list when I was waiting for the magazines to arrive.
But I didn't start with it, in fact, I'm considering not knitting it AT ALL.

Look at that:
(visible only when you have a big picture right in front of your eyes, the small thumbnail they show on Rowan's page doesn't show it...)

Maybe a close-up?

There is something weird going on just where you attach the body to the sleeves. I'm not sure whether it's the problem with this yarn and if I used different one it would look better, or the problem is in the pattern itself - if this is how it is supposed to look like, I don't like it. Blah...

I also wanted very much somebody to knit it first so I could see another version and read some knitting notes and I found this post by Puttermeister. She's not entirely happy with Quarry, either - "this sweater doesn't actually fit as well as it should in order to be truly wearable". She points out the shoulders loosening up and slipping off as the sweater relaxes with wear and the fact that "the weight of the bodice pulls the sweater down, straightening the ribbing over the shoulders and bringing the entire sweater down below the breast-line". Well...

I must think about it and maybe wait for another person to knit this cardi, I know one more girl is in progress with it right now (Ravelry is a great place, ne? *^v^*), but she's Japanese and I cannot read her blog.

Lucky me I have some knitting plans for a while.


  1. What a weird find!!! Gee, I would have reservations about using the yarn on that pattern, too. Neat investigation work!

  2. I did like this pattern also, but decided not to knit it for the same reason you mentioned... As long as I have not found a good way to attach the body and sleeves it will stay this way. A pity for this design...

  3. Hi there--

    After knitting up my first draft of the sweater, I'd say the mass is more of a problem than the seaming: I was a little worried about that messy seam, too, but I think it's just sloppy work on their part. It definitely wasn't an issue for mine. I used a standard woven seam at a bout a three-to-four ratio, and it's pretty invisible. I used Nancy Wiseman's _Finishing Techniques_ as a reference (p. 65), and it was pretty smooth sailing. the only thing I did differently is that, instead of working from side-to side (armpit to armpit), I worked from the middle of the back out toward the armpits so I could adjust for any possible unevenness or bunching more easily. I think maybe I should post that on Ravelry....

    It's my first time by here--I love your FOs.