Thursday, April 17, 2008


I realized that somehow I stopped reading books this year...
Not entirely, I started several books and then put them away on the shelf, somewhere at the beginning or in the middle. I wasn't inspired to finish them.

I decided that this situation needs to be changed and joined (informally, because it already started in March) the Polish Books from 6 Continents challenge. You can see my list of books and read my reviews on my new blog called Czytelnia (Reading Room). Unfortunately it's only in Polish because I feel that it's easier for me to express my views and feelings about the books I've read in my own language.

While waiting for the yarn to arrive I'm ... not doing anything special (apart from reading books). In fact, I've been somehow uninspired lately and only finished one painting from the Mysterious Garden series, here it is (it's the last one from the small canvases, 25 cm x 35 cm):

The journal has been left untouched for some time, maybe I should make a spread about NOT being inspired to do anything?
The weather's not nice again, it's been raining since last night and the only good thing about it is that all the plants got some boost from the rain and started to grow like crazy, suddenly the whole lawn in front of my balcony is thick and green like there's no tomorrow!... I miss the countryside, fortunately we are going there next Saturday with the estate agent to check the inside of the house we want to buy.

And today is Robert's namesday, I bought a bottle of red wine for the evening! *^v^*


  1. Joasiu!
    Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji Roberta imienin, dla Roberta i dla Ciebie. Happy manedey!

  2. I've missed reading a bit too lately but yesterday on my birthday I started to read the book The timetravelers wife and it is soooo good. Recommended if you like romance. :-)

    Love the fish painting - great depth!

  3. i have been lazy in my reading as well lately you will have lots of fun with your reading :)