Monday, September 04, 2006

3 kilos!

It looks like my flu decided to let go for a while, so I'm back on track as of today. ^^
Wow, I've just received a parcel from a company that provided me with the fleece to spin - they sell different things and one of them is the 100% wool which is what's left from the nice neat skeins production line - they call it "the tangle" (2,5 $/kilo!...).

(sorry for the yellow shade, it's my lamp)

And it really is the tangle, at least some parts of it. As you can see, the maroon yarn and the variegated yarns are more or less in one skein, but the light green and the violet ones, on the other hand, are a mess and very short pieces. But that's okay, because I need wool for felting (where the joining points will not be visible) and for naalbinding (where you work with short pieces of wool). Generally you can't have any colour choices, you just get what they have at the moment of purchase, but I was lucky with the greens and violets, and all the borring browns (these shades really are, believe me!) will be very shortly transformed into the medieval felted stockings for my husband - he needs a pair of XIII c. military stockings that they used to protect their legs with.

Yesterday I joined a very small one-to-one swap: Anna from Twelve22 would like ten people to make placemats for her, and in return she offers beautiful bird print cards. Yay! ^^

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