Thursday, September 21, 2006

Naalbinding all the way

I've just finished another naalbinded project (remember my first weird looking socks?...) - a pair of mittens for myself! ^^
They are definitely nicer than the socks, they are warm and fit perfectly. I want to naalbind another pair but from thicker wool (for winter medieval events) and finish them off with fur.

Close up on the texture (I love it!)

It's very difficult to take a photo of one's own hand!...

(This is the view from my balcony. Just after this small hill the fairytale ends - there is a busy road there...)

I'm waiting right now for the new supply of wool and I'm going to start a naalbinded shawl - I still haven't determined whether the Viking women wore such shawls, but I think some sources can be interpreted in this way (like the women figures on the Oseberg tapestry) and the technique is capable of producing a big flat piece of fabric, so why shouldn't I give it a try? ^^

Not much knitting lately, I mean, I'm slowly finishing second OPAL sock, Mameluke socks are on hold, and I encountered some real knitting/fulling disaster...
What happened?
Superwash wool doesn't felt.

Yes, I know that you all knew about it and wrote about it in your blogs, and I read it millions of times, and then, what I did? I went and bought a superwash wool yarn for the felted bag!...
Stupid! Stupid!
Not only bought it, I cut some yarn and tried to felt it in hot water and soap (I decided that it looks like it's felting...), I knitted a whole huge bag with it, washed it in 40 degrees (nothing happened), washed it in 90 degrees (black yarn stained the white areas of the pattern and two light colour towels I put into the washer with the bag...), and now I'm going to frog it and knit something with this black yarn (which I have a lot, because I bought 4 big skeins).
And I'm angry because I really wanted this bag, oh well... I'll just have to knit it one more time, right?

Fit and Knit

Today I'm starting my bellydancing classes again! ^^


  1. Oh no! No wonder you're angry. I hope it didn't take too long to knit.

    The mittens are lovely. They look very cosy.

  2. Beautiful mittens - I love the color green.

    Did you know that I am starting Belly Dancing classes in October? I always wanted to try it, and reading about your experience with it helped inspire me to register for classes!

  3. love the mittens!! Good for you and bellydancing!!