Thursday, September 14, 2006

Helene, you can be proud of me! ^^

Helene, I have finished my very first naalbinded item - a pair of socks! ^^

Okay, they do not look as neat as the knitted ones, but I think as for the first item made in this technique they are quite all right, ne? ^^ In the next pair I think I'll try another way to add a heel, but this one works perfectly.
It's a gift for our friend and will be given during the feast this weekend - I hope they will fit!...


  1. In fact, it was lots of fun, because it was quick to make! I only had to untangle the toe of the first sock and change it, because I started with a very pointy toe, only 8 stitches and it looked weird (and wasn't comfortable). I'll be working on mittens and a shawl now! ^^