Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Symbols in my life

I know that my placemat arrived at Anna's yesterday, so I can finally show it to you.

Making this placemat turned my thoughts to the symbols that reappeared in my life and my art. Two main motives prevailed.
One was the mountain.
A huge two-peak mountain, one sligthly higher than the other. I've been drawing it in many techniques and sizes (I even made an A1 size picture of it for my friend, using crayons - I pinned the huge piece of paper onto the wallpaper in my room... ^^).
Here is the page from my diary, when I was 16, and here is the mountain in colour:

And here is a few years later creation in pencil:

And then after some time it just disappeared.

And I started to draw a tree. In fact, I drew trees before, along with the mountain, but then the tree took over completely.
Tree in pencil:

Tree in colour:

Maybe I was growing and wanted to grow my roots? Who knows? Some psychologist could analyse this probably. ^^

And I was also buying the tree motives, like this piece of pottery I bought last December:

So, I'm not surprised at all that this year the tree came back to me and went on my quilted objects - placemat and the cushion covers I'm making (pictures soon).

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