Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Manifesto

Last night I felt a desperate need to have some knitted FO - I haven't finished anything for some time, because I got stuck in between bags and socks, so I wanted some quick&nice project. I dug through my stash and took the pattern I wanted to knit for some time:
Zombies need not apply by Jennifer .

Because my yarn was thicker than the required in the pattern I decided to knit size S on 2mm needles. After several rounds I was sure I'm knitting the cellphone cozy, because I couldn't imagine my hand going through the tight opening of the wristwarmer!... But fortunately when I finished knitting it turned out to fit perfectly! ^^

I have started the first September bag for Bag Me KAL - (I'll be also knitting a small purse using the Norwegian colourful pattern but this one is still waiting) big felted knitting tote with a design that's a match to my new wristwarmer! ^^ It's a secret for now and I hope to reveal it soon.

One more thing about knitting - I decided to interrupt my Nancy Bush's One Month One Pair of Socks KAL and devote September to finishing my OPAL socks and Mameluke socks - I don't want to cast on for new socks when the previously started socks are still UFOs.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* *~*~*~*~

I've been thinking about my craft choices (stated in this post, girls, thank you for your input, if any of you have more thoughts please keep them coming!) and I decided on the following measures -
My Manifesto
1. I'll concentrate on working with fiber as it is and always has been my main interest, in the form of a fabric or yarn, throught sewing, knitting, spinning and weaving;
2. My on-line gothic shop should be my prior concern and first of all I'll be concentrating on products for this shop - sewn & knitted, I may add some jewelery, but only if the first two product types have been supplied;
3. My second priority will be my medieval outfits - I still have some things to make and I'll be making them throughout the off season period in Autumn and Winter (mainly naalbinded socks and mittens, tablet woven bands, some embroidery on the existing clothing)
4. Apart from the two above I'll be concentrating on knitting as a hobby, because I need at least one thing that I won't do to make some money, because we need it!...
5. I've been selling my creations in two on-line galleries but I'll not struggle to make many new updates there - only if I can find a really good idea and time to create it, when the first two priorities are 'checked' on the list (gothic shop and medieval clothes);
6. I'll stop another on-line shop project I started some time ago, namely the FriendSheep shop with colouful clothing and accessories made by myself, because I REALLY don't have time to devote to another such big project and I haven't updated it for ages (last time in January...);
7. I want to learn how to spin and dye the wool/fabric, but apart from that I'll refrain from taking up any new crafts at least for a year (I must understand that I am only in one copy and the day has only 24 hours!...);
8. I'll attend jewelery classes but only as a skill development, no tools and supplies buying because they are very expensive and for now they would only stay as my new toys (which I cannot afford);
9. I live in a very small flat (just a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom), so I'll not buy any new fabric or yarn at the wholesaler until the proper part of my existing stash becomes the finished products, by this I mean when I really have the visible space to store anything new, no cheating!
10. I'll look through my fabric/yarn/art supplies/patterns/ect stashes thoroughly and decide what to keep and what really must go, because of the small storing possibilities (no 'craft room' as such, just 'craft boxes and spaces' all around the flat...) and because I have so much of that stuff that I even don't know what I have!
11. I'll stay away from any new big KALs and Exchanges because of the numerous projects I have right now, I'll be still open to one-to-one swaps, if anybody would like to make a swap with me ^^;
12. I'll try either to finish or to get rid of all the old UFOs, because they occupy both my precious space in my flat and my mind, I think about them constantly and worry that I haven't finished them yet...
13. I'll dig through my wardrobe and get rid of the clothes I don't wear and refashion clothes that need it (I even made the first step last week, because I prepared a big bag of clothes for mending/refashioning from one closet in the bedroom).

We'll see how it all goes. ^^

I also looked through the new IKEA catalog I got yesterday and decided to gradually replace our old crockery with the new more modern, nicer pieces. This is part of my new life policy - cleaning my surroundings will result in cleaning my inner self, which I feel I desperately need.


  1. Oh I love the wristwarmer with the red! Fantastic job!
    Your manifesto sounds like a really great plan - good luck to you on all your endeavors!

  2. Cool wristwarmer! The red looks awesome. Doesn't she have some great patterns?