Monday, September 18, 2006

Feast photo story

As I mentioned before, I am a medieval reenactor and we role-play a small medieval feudal society - Draconia Principality. We have our Prince, the nobles and the servants, we fight wars for land with similar groups, re-create different arts and crafts and celebrate.
So, we had an annual medieval feast last weekend. See for yourselves how fun it was! ^^

It all started with the greeting of our Prince Wszebor.
(from the left: Treasurer Lothar of Kozlow, Prince Wszebor, Prince's Swordsman Orel, my husband Daeris Ostaris)

My husband Daeris, who is the Chancellor, the Esquire and the Standard Bearer, read our Laws to remind the Draconians of their duties and rights.

And we listened to his words:
(from the right - the nobility: Voivode and Prince's Cup Bearer Michal of Brochow, his wife Janna of Brochow, Prince's fiance Sylwia, me, Treasurer's wife Marzena of Kozlow and the servants.)

Then we went to the table and Prince shared with us the sacred pie as a sign of the unity of the ruler and all his subjects - the nobles and the servants.

Then we sat down and enjoyed the food (and the list was veeeeery long, we started eating at noon and finished at midnight, with three warm dishes and several cold apetizers, and fruit, and sweets, and wines, and meads... ^^).

There was some singing and poetry during the day,

as well as in the evening.

Here is me in my two medieval Russian outfits:
(I changed into the second one in the evening, when I needed the warmer woollen dress instead of the light silk one I was wearing during the day.)

And with my girls:

And with my Hubby at the table:

My two servants, Osk (my best friend Anna) and Jarogniewa:

Osk giving a fire show with poies:

And there was much rejoicing! ^^

What does it have to do with the crafts blog?
All the items of clothing were hand made by the people who wore them, using only natural materials: wool, silk, cotton and linnen. ^^

Happy Monday, everyone! *^-^*

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  1. That looks like so much fun! All the clothes are spectacular!