Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm in love!

Couple of days ago I've watched "Lucky Number Slevin" with Bruce Willis and Lucy Liu (one of my favourite actresses! ^^), and I've fallen in love!...
To be exact, the object of my affection (and I mean, 'the object") is the coral sweater Lucy is wearing:

This is the only shot of the sweater I could find in the Web, but it's big, has a wide reversible collar, patches on the elbows (cute!!!), and is the perfect colour! Who knows, one day I may even knit myself such a beauty!...
(Yes, I know, all my previous sweater knitting efforts were abbandoned at some stage, but maybe, just maybe I've been waiting for the PERFECT design to be my first knitted sweater? The design just like the above?... *^-^*)

New Knitty!
Im always very excited about each new issue of Knitty (not that I've made many items from its patterns, but still... ^^), and here are my favourites from the Fall issue:

Ivy - could I knit the whole sweater?!... It may be possible because the instructions are written in the way I can understand and follow!

Lizard ridge - beautiful, although I cannot imagine buying so much expensive yarn just to knit an afghan...

Sugar on Snow - I'll be knitting some hats and capelets for three girls for Christmas (3,4 and 5 year olds), and this is an interesting pattern (it can even be a neckwarmer, wow!)

Tamarah - that's an interesting wrap!

Okay, so not so many as in the Summer issue, but this gives me the chance to knit them all! ^^
(excluding afghan, of course... ^^)

Placemat Swap

Just a teaser... ^^

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  1. Your teaser looks so interesting, beautiful, yet interesting.