Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 things worth cheering about

Following Penelope's example, I'm listing 10 things worth cheering about right now:

1. Cat in my lap during breakfast.
2. Semolina with cranberries and cranberry juice for breakfast (my latest first choice! *^v^*).
3. Warm breeze on my cheeks (Spring is definitely coming! ^^).
4. Arranged dinner with my friends next Sunday (I'm cooking! ^^).
5. Waiting for Rowan knitting magazine.
6. I'm painting today!
7. Mango in my fridge.
8. Art goodies I'm going to get from my foreign friends! ^^
9. My husband's good ideas!
10. Fingers covered in acrylic paint.

What are you cheering about? *^v^*

My two latest journal pages: Mierkinie is the village we spent our short vacation.

This one was fun to create! ^^

I especially like the fish - they are lifted above the page on the folded paper, yikes! *^v^*

The latest photo of Robert's Durrow (all covered in cat hair...): as you can see I'm knitting both fronts and the back at the same time (I'll split them when time comes for decreases), plus I'm knitting cables on the body, too (special request! *^v^*). It's coming fairly quickly, i hope to finish it this week, Robert cannot wait to try it on! =^v^=


  1. Love your ten things list!
    And your journal pages are oh-so-lovely! :)

  2. I found the list cheerful and inspiring and the art - underwater is so nice too. You know I'm a fan of underwater/water pics! The fish are v colourful- great images there!krissie - message in a bottle

  3. Love the new page with swimming girl :)

    Durrow is looking great!!! its going to be a wonderful sweater!