Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New arrivals

This email came to me yesterday:
"I can confirm that your order was dispatched on the 18th February."

What was my order?
Rowan magazines, of course! *^v^*
So, it's on the way, somewhere on the continent, maybe already reaching the Polish border, maybe tomorrow it will land in my mailbox?!...
I really must hurry with Durrow!

I wanted to show you my new painting in progress:

Looking good already, isn't it? ^^ I'm really happy how it's coming along, there will be of course a lady there in the corner, plus some more details. As you may remember, I somehow repeated here what I've done on my journal page, because I felt it should be expanded on the canvas plus Robert said "It's a pity you did it in the journal, so it cannot be looked at all the time."
It will be different, though, no little girl and the Bird-like creatures, and I have a new phrase to accompany that painting. Keep coming back and all will be revealed! *^v^*

Rho, I decided to leave the dress the way it is - just to walk slower and pay more attention to the surroundings. Be more present where I am at the moment, not just rush around. If it means leaving home earlier in order not to be late - so be it! I'll try to take some good photos of it this weekend. *^v^* And wood fires are really great, I observed that food cooked on the wood fire taste better and keeps warm for longer than the food cooked on the gas stove. It seems that wood is much more energy efficient (can I say it that way?) than gas. And definitely more magical!


  1. oh good - you totally understood my phooey on rushing comment - and said it in the way it was in my head but didn't make it to my fingers :) "be more present - live in the moment" sooo much better than phooey on rushing :D

    we probably have 2 cords of wood to split this spring so it will be ready for next winter. I love cooking stews, soups, sauces on my woodstove.

  2. Ooooo-I love the new painting-its beautiful!!! i know its not done but it's still beautiful.

  3. It's not looking good it is looking FABULOUS. I love the colors and textures. I can't wait to see the finished product. :)