Monday, February 25, 2008

The story of one dress

I'd like to share with you something that gave me a real food for thought, and it's connected with my recent holidays.

One day before our trip I sewn this dress out of two pairs of my old jeans (yes, it's a dress). I worn it for the first time on Thursday, 14th, and used it throughout our holidays. I traveled in the car in it, did some sight-seeing, visited a museum, ran up and down the stairs in our guest house several times a day, even went for a long walk in the mountains.
It was absolutely comfortable all the time and I never thought it could be otherwise.

Then, on Wednesday after we came back home, I was in a hurry to get to my Women Circle meeting, so I had to do big steps and even run to catch a tram.
And you know what?
This is not a dress for being in a hurry.
It's too narrow, my legs got caught in it when I was rushing through the city and I felt like I'd fall down for a moment or two.

Me, in this dress, doesn't fit the city rush anymore.

Some more photos from my trip:
Our guest house.

Me knitting Durrow. *^v^*
Robert in the snow.

Robert keeping us warm. *^v^*

Folk Art Museum in Sejny.

Kate and me (in Lucinda cardigan! ^^).

The gang in front of the old Lithuanian style house (unfortunately it was closed during Winter and we couldn't see the inside...)

PS.: Durrow is eating up the skeins like a hungry animal, I'm glad I bought additional yarn! I also made some modifications to the pattern - as you know I'm knitting a cardigan, not a pullover, but also I added two cables at the front and two at the back according to Robert's request. *^v^*

PS 2.: Yes, Krissie, it is a Suwałki region, and I was high up, very close to the border with Lithuania, at the Hańcza lake.

PS 3.: Thank you, my dears, for your offers of sending me the glue and brads, you are great! *^v^* PJ, send me your email, please, because I cannot find yours on your blog...


  1. Whoa..these are some awesome pictures of your the lace shot! Looks like an awesome good time. Yes, it's ljpj4 (at) yahoo (dot) com....tell me the details of the brads you are interested in...(there are tons of different ones here at a stores named JoAnn and Micheal's or Hobby Lobby!!) Anyway excuse to go I GO :)

  2. Super pictures - thanks

    on the dress -- it is perfect - can you post a picture of you standing in it -

    can you add another panel somewhere to make the skirt part big enough to walk fast -- or you could just say phooey on rushing about - that just ages us --

    and don't you just love wood fires - for some reason I swear a wood fire just gets into your bones and is more comforting or something...

    sorry if this comes thru twice - blogger is acting up on me today

  3. Looks like a great trip!
    Love your photos from the museum.

    And the dress is cool ;)