Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tree in a cup

My latest finished art journal pages:

"Talks with Relations" is the name of the first Clan Mother (details in the book by Jamie Sams , we work with this book on my Women Circle meetings). I feel that stones are my very close relations.

D'Blogala's prompt IT'S TIME.
I know that clocks have usually two hands, but that's how I wanted it to look like. Surprise - the hands are actually movable! *^v^* (I sewn them onto a page, couldn't find flat brads for it, they are not available in Poland it seems...)
More and more I'm having this feeling that I want to leave the flat surface of the page and go 3D!

I started Durrow for Robert and I love, love, love the yarn I bought!
It's a Polish brand by Interfox called Merino, 50% wool/50% acrylic, it' soft and very good for cables, a doesn't have this acrylic squeakiness, if you know what I mean. ^^
I also am very pleased with the on-line shop I bought it from - the shipment was quick and I got tons of yarn samples, yikes! ^^ I will buy this yarn for more projects, as soon as my Rowan arrives! *^v^*

I'll leave you with a Saturday morning tea art - Robert drank the tea and that's what was left on the bottom of his cup - a tree (or is it a cloud?...): *^v^*

Happy Sunday! =^v^=


  1. I Have to tell you how much I admire your journal pages. They reflect your thought and energy so beautifully.

  2. Good golly! I'm glad I'm not the only one that looks at patterns at the bottom of my cup!!! HA! I think it looks like a thought bubble! Love your journal pages..very unique and imaginative!

  3. actually I thought it was a mushroom! what does that mean? I love your journal pages...more more...... How did you do those ivy leaves effect its so soft and nice.

  4. Wonderful! Love your It's time! page!!!

  5. Joasiu! Dziekuje za zilustrowanie moich uczuc jesli chodzi o relacje. I'm in love with your journaling!

  6. I love the colour of that yarn, never mid the pattern! I have added your blog onto my sidebar, hope it's ok. I am having a bogoversary competition so come on over and visit!

  7. You new pages look great!
    i see a tree in his cup but then again lately i have been pulled toward big bushy tree images.
    Roberts sweater looks like it will be very nice-he is lucky :)