Thursday, February 28, 2008

100 Day Challenge finished

Today is my last day of my first 100 Day Challenge.
It was a great experience throughout the whole one hundred days, although I wouldn't be myself if I sticked to the plan of working towards that challenge everyday... Well, there were times when I totally forgot about it and then came back to it after some time. But all in all I think I enjoyed it and want more! *^v^*

Let's look through the things I wanted to manifest in my life:

I definitely was constantly inspired for my paintings, not only that but also inspired for my sewing, art journaling and other projects & ideas! *^v^*
I didn't sell my paintings but this category needs more of my attention and some marketing skills, plus some braver attitude towards it, I am aware of that.
I didn't manifest an abundance of money in my life, so this point stays for the next 100 Day Challenge! =^v^= .
I definitely attracted into my life people who inspired me, supported me and helped me with what I'm doing. I found some great books and a great mentor - my Women Circle leader Maria. So, this task can be regarded as "checked". ^^
I also wanted to manifest a new place to live, which didn't happen but I think I got inspired to find my way to live my life and it may result in a new place to live outside the city, who knows? And if not, I have some plans for improving my current residential situation. *^v^*

I highly recommend this exercise to anyone, it teaches disciplines, concentration on goals and brings a lot of happiness when things start to manifest!

Tomorrow I'm starting my second 100 DC. =^v^=

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  1. yay for what you accomplished!! you should be very proud-i probably would have stopped after a week :)
    Good Luck with your next 100 DC!!!!