Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How about that!...

Today I used the pearl sugar I got from Hanna - and look at the result, a whole gang of cute kanelbullar! *^v^*

Tomorrow I'm leaving you, my dear Readers, for 5 days, because we are having a short vacation with our friends, so I baked the cookies to take a piece of home with us. ^^ We are going to the Polish Great Lakes region, although there are no swimming plans, not this time of the year. I promise lots of photos and maybe some finished journal pages (I'm taking with me my big journal and some art supplies, what to choose, what to choose?...), I'm also going to knit, of course. And drink wine, and sit in front of the fireplace, and generally have fun! ^^

But first, I promised you the photos of my new products for the folk gallery - here they are:
The Chickens!
And The Eggs!

The Chickens can be used as egg warmers for your breakfast boiled eggs, and the Eggs are the Polish Easter tradition - called Pisanki (plural).

Here is how I knitted them (you can modify the pattern, these are just guidelines):
- cast on 11 stitches (leaves a proper size hole to fill the egg with a cotton wool after it's finished), distribute them among three dpns
* means "repeat"
r1: k
r2: k1, [m1, k1]*
r3: k
r4: k
r6: k2, [m1, k2]*, m1, k1
r7: k
r8: k
r9: k3, [m1, k3]*, m1, k1
r10: k

- here insert a 10 or 12 row pattern of your choice

r10: k
r9: k3, [k2tog, k2]*, k2tog
r8: k
r7: k
r6: k2, [k2tog, k1]*, k2tog
r5: k
r4: k
r3: k
r2: k1, [k2tog]*
r1: k
r0: k1, [k2tog]*
- put the yarn through all the remaining stitches, pull tightly
Fill the egg with cotton wool, sew up the other end. Voila! *^v^*

And two new spreads from my journal:
This one is based on a saying about the rat race, it just came to my mind in the form of such picture:

This is the Year of the Rat after all! *^v^*

And this one is a response to Suzi Blu's prompt - accordion pages. I added two kinds of "beyond-the-surface" elements on my "Body is my temple" spread.

The accordion page on the right - it can be closed with a paper band or open ad unfolded,

and the Turkish fold page.

I love such elements and I want to add more of them in my journal and my paintings, yikes! *^v^*

Look, what I found in my mailbox this morning:

A handmade Valentine postcard from Myriam! Thank you very much, it's one of these moments when I think to myself "I should have thought about that, too!...", but in fact my letter to you is on the way! =^v^= Darling, you will be soon working in your own art journal, I can feel it!
Happy Valentine to you, and to all of my dear Readers, have fun as I intend to do tomorrow and for the rest of our 5 day vacation (and for the rest of my life, in fact! *^v^*).

PS.: I've just found out that my dream pattern from Rowan 41 - Joy cardigan, is not knit but crocheted!... Oh, no!...

PS.2: My dear American readers, I will have a big request to you when I come back from my vacation, so please remind me about it, okay? =^v^=

PS.3: Jezzabell, nie zostawiłaś mi adresu email i nie mam jak Ci odpowiedzieć, napisz do mnie a odpowiem Ci na pytanie o etsy! *^v^*


  1. Wonderful new pages-i really like the new 3d effect your adding to your art :)
    Your chicken and eggs are super cute :)
    So glad you got your valentine on time and that you like it! have a wonderful, fun and inspiring vacation!

  2. Chiks are more than lovely! And those yummy bullar... mmmmm. Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Oh you've been busy! I recognize some of the papers in your pages - how fun! The pages are great, I need to do a accordian too soon. I also like the buns (made me eat two when I saw that picture at first) and the Easter preperations!

    I so envy your trip, I hope you'll have a great time!

  4. Isn't My just wonderful! I almost thought that was my card!! ;op

    Cute eggs!

    Happy Love Day!!

  5. wiesz co, masz racje sorry, jestem ostatnio tak zakrecona, ze szok
    iz.igna at, swoja droga to pysznosci tu zaprezentowalas, mniam...

  6. youve made me v curious about the turkish fold and I /well dh and I had a go and I've linked it to your post on this blog! thanks for the idea!!!

  7. American readers standing by! :-) hope you have a wonderful vacation.