Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Smitten with mittens

I'm so behind with many projects and journal prompts, not to mention the new paintings... Well, at least I finished my new products for the folk gallery (photos soon! ^^), and can get my hands on other things.

I've been knitting, of course, while waiting for Robert's Durrow yarn to arrive.
The first Tiffany mitten is done, the second is half-way ready, yikes! *^v^*

Then, I finished the first Latvian Birds mitten:

The colour scheme is a bit crazy but I like it this way! *^v^*

This is my pattern inspired by the photo of some Latvian mittens and some Norwegian pattern chart.

I'll be happy to share it with you when I create it in the Spreadsheet (I don't have a special program for making charts and I worked with a piece of paper and color markers, making adjustments as I went.)

I received some post yesterday from the wonderful Hanna.
Look, what she sent me!

This is the pearl sugar for the kanelbullar cakes, I couldn't find it in Poland. *^v^*

She also added a lot of collage papers - I already feel inspired and I'll be using some of them in my journal, yikes! ^^

Plus, a beautiful pink rose that went straight onto my Vision Board:

Thank you very much, Hanna, your goodies will be sent to you soon! *^v^*

I also made a purchase, but that's a story for another post. =^v^=


  1. Those colors are wild and I LOVE them!!! I like how you shared that you put something on your 'vision board', too! Great job on your mittens!

  2. oh love the chinese waving good luck cat! and the mittens...I'm smitten by them! shame we have no need for them here!

  3. Love the colors on your new mitten!! Will brighten a dreary cold day for sure!!
    You got some great goodies! Can't wait to see how you use your new paper and what a pretty rose :)