Sunday, February 03, 2008


When you don't pay enough attention to what you're doing, the Universe gives you a small push, a sign, a warning. As It did to me last night.

I was taking the cake out of the oven (in kitchen gloves!) and was desperate to take it out of the very hot metal mold right away, so I helped myself with en elbow. A naked elbow, to be exact.
Auch!... I'll spare you the gory visual details of the situation, suffice to say I've burnt myself and have a nasty red mark on my left hand. Don't try this at home!

But it didn't stop my from making a whole bowl of yummy meringues as soon as I covered my bruises with Panthenol. *^v^*

The man who invented them was a genius! Three egg whites and a cup of sugar, and so much fun after just 1,5 hr in the oven (100 degrees Celsjus).
Make sure you beat the egg whites first and THEN add the sugar and beat some more, not all together at once. ^^
In Polish they are called bezy (1 meringue is beza), from the French word baiser meaning to kiss. *^v^*

I've been also knitting - I finished the first Tiffany mitten and started another mitten of my own design (just to have a small break from knitting the same pattern straight away). Photos soon - I must weave in lots of loose ends.
Funny thing - I really like sewing up knitted parts of a sweater, but I hate weaving in the ends in the fair isle projects... *^v^*


  1. I hope your elbow will feel better soon. Those meringue look sooooo good :-D

  2. I didnt know they were called that, thanks for teaching me some new words there!

  3. Ouch! i burned my thumb two weeks ago when i was baking-Hope your elbow heals up quickly.
    The Meringue look super yummy-eating those should help make you feel better :)

  4. Yummy as they are those evil meringues almost killed my stomach. Children, pay attention on how many you can actually eat :-). The answer is - much less than you thought. They are so light in taste that you almost do not feel them inside. Until it is too late...

  5. Mniam, mniam, mniam :) Poproszę :)