Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bagaholics, skirtoholics

Yes, it finally happened...
"My name is Joanna and I am a bagaholic..."

I've just joined Bagaholics Anonymous (hosted by Kimberly and Linda) - I expect to meet people like me - addicted to bags, to admire their wonderful creations and be inspired to create even more bags!

I also joined Sew? I Knit - I am sad that I missed the first two projects because these were: a skirt and a bag - two ofmy favourite things to sew!..., but anyway, in the first two weeks of June we are making tops, so it'll be a chance for me to get kicked in the backside with a deadline and sew the blouse inspired by Gudrun Sjoden's fashion I planned. ^^

I started sewing the skirts for my friend Sylwia yesterday, but only managed to barely finish the first one, when my friend called with the urgent request for three caligraphed diplomas for the people from his group of medieval reenactors that will be promoted this Saturday... They always suprise me with this at the last moment!... So, I put everything away and spent about five hours writing and drawing and painting on the rough hand-made paper (it's not so easy to work with, I tell you!...). The result is okay, but I can feel I would like to make it better, more decorative - but I didn't have time to do that! They will collect the diplomas today.

Last night I had my bellydancing class and we realised that we have only three classes left this semester!... It's sad, and there are no classes during the summer holidays, so I'll be left alone with my home practice and steps I've learned (next semester starts somewhere in Octber, and I'll be attending "Bronze" group). And on the last class on 22nd June we are going to have an exam!... ^^ We are supposed to prepare 30 sec show to a chosen piece of music, and our teacher will be the judge and she'll give us points. I couldn't sleep last night because I chose the tune and started to create the sets of steps... ^^

Today is the Mother's Day in Poland, so I visited my mom with flowers and chocolates, and had diner with her. She only mentioned a child once... I believe it means she stopped pushing me so hard, well...

This evening me and my husband are going away for a weekend to our cottage about 1,5 hour drive from Warsaw. I'm taking my Tote Exchange bag in progress, two different socks in progress, one very long embroidered band in progress, so I'm not going to get bored when the weather is not nice (and we are having thunderstorms with short sunny intervals these days, and heavy wind all the time...).
Photos of what I have finished on Monday.
Have a great weekend! ^^

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  1. Happy mother's day to your mom-a bit late. I just got my skirt finished on Friday for Sew I knit. I can't wait to see what you come up with.