Friday, May 12, 2006

Things that drag me down

There are things that drag me down. I can feel them like a stone tied to my leg or a fist crushing my solar plexus and making my breathing difficult.
What are those things?
First, these are many, many, many items that I keep for ever and ever around me. I just cannot throw things away, I collect. Old newspapers, various print-outs, old calendars, scraps, notes, magazine cuttings, you name it... And you should see my fabric stash!... Every small item thrown away feels like I'm loosing a piece of me - but on the other hand I know that these are the invisible anchors and I should get rid of this stuff. And sometimes I do, but there is still lots more to go!
Second, there are my procrastinated projects: skirts, bags, corsets - in plans or even cut out of the fabric - they can stay that way for months, years even... And I feel I want to go on with other projects but I SHOULD finish the previous ones, but I don't really feel like finishing them right this moment, so I start something new, and then I feel quilty about the projects that I put away, so I don't work on the current one, yet I don't finish the old ones, and very quickly the current one becomes the old one, and I am like the wild animal in the cage going from side to side and the vicious circle closes!...
I've started to do something about this situation - I'm making lists of things and make myself to finish them one by one - I've just started the One-Day-One-Bag program to finish my planned bags, I also took out all my old medieval projects and want to finish them this season. But it is really difficult for me, because I am the kind of person who sees some new interesting opportunity and goes for it, leaving the things I started in pieces with the hope of coming back to them one day. Well...

Funny thing, though... I tend to finish my knitting projects one by one and keep track of what's going on in my knitting bag! ^^ (I know, there is the checkered scarf untouched for some time, but it was from the beginning The-Next-Winter-Project so I'm way ahead with it, in fact! ^^)

I'm sorry for this non-knitting content, but I felt that I had to put it all down and throw it off my chest, maybe it'll help me overcome my problem with stashing and procrastinating.


Imagine a bed - 160 cm per 200 cm, big bed, lots of space comparing to one rather small cat, right? And on that bed there is one freshly felted Bowling Bag, still without the handles, laying somewhere close to the right lower corner of the bed (this enormous bed, remember?). And then I leave the room for just a second, and when I come back, what can I see?...
Bag on a bed, cat on a bag directly!!!
No, she couldn't have chosen any other place on this spacious bed but my brand new felted creation!...
Yes, while we talk about knitting, cats help a lot !... ^^

News from the belly dancing front: we started to practice a choreographed dance last week and continued yesterday, and I'm practicing it at home (although it's difficult because I don't have much space and no big mirror to see if I'm making the right moves and gestures, but still I memorize the steps.) But there is one move that is difficult for me and it seems I just cannot graps the idea of how to make this move - I'm talking about the hip shimmy. You are supposed to alternate your knees so quickly that your hips shimmer, but I can't do this!... I can do it slowly, but when I look at the teacher (and some of the girls) - I wonder about their speed!
I also noticed that my level of fitness grew, I can do more exercises than two months ago, my shoulders and thighs are stronger. Only the good sides! ^^

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  1. Oh my, we have the same problem with finishing sewing products!! I have a quilt that's been waiting to be finished for 4 years. Oops!
    As far as the shimmy goes, just hang in there, it will happen. Just keep going at your speed and then at one point it will click.