Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Le Clapotis est finis

Yes, I finally finished, washed and blocked Clapotis, so here it is on my little helper model ^^

It's 42 cm wide and quite long - 160 cm long! ^^ And it's already around my neck, because the weather is awful today, cold and windy outside, and the central heating in my block of flats is already off so it's chilly inside, too.

Off to new projects! ^^

As you maybe remember I joined

The current project is the top, and I'm going to sew a sleeveless top inspired by the fashion of Gudrun Sjoden's, here are the photo and a sketch of the original design:

I'm going to adapt a pattern from an old Burda, 3/2004 issue, pattern 118, to be exact:

And here are the fabric choices: the flowery cotton for the front panel, the white cotton/linnen blend for the rest.

But this is the story for next week, today I'll be finishing bags - I checked my finances and it's no fun and games, I tell you.., so I'm going to finish and put on sale several bags to repair the home budget.
I'll be also knitting another bag to be felted, I want to try out another design I have in mind. ^^
Happy creating, everyone!


  1. Oooooooh, gorgeous! It looks lovely, Joanna. Totally worth the boring work, no?

  2. It's fabulous! Wonderful color!

  3. Your clapotis is gorgeous.
    It's freezing cold here too so that probably would be a good idea for me right now.
    I also love that wrap vest!! I'm making a wrap blouse from Burda as well.

  4. The clapotis is just stunning. I like the wrap vest design too.