Monday, May 29, 2006

What I've been doing last weekend

Yes, I've been doing quite a lot, and let me show you here:
As you know, we've been to our cottage about 80 kms from Warsaw, where we have a small plot of land with a nice house, and woods and a river close to it. Unfortunately the weather was awful, so I could sit and knit most of the time! ^^

1. I almost finished Clapotis! ^-^
I still need several rows to finish, then I'll wash it and block tomorrow, so expect pictures on Wednesday.
2. I knitted a bag for my Tote Exchange pal! ^-^
First I tried ready pattern from the Web, but something was wrong with it and the bag didn't look nice, so I decided to knit the bag according to my own pattern. It's felting right now as I write, so pictures and the pattern soon!
3. I finished the Bowling Bag for the Bag Me KAL! ^-^

I changed the idea of the handles - I decided to make a cord using a very simple circular tool (used even in the medieval times! ^^), which resulted in a three-coloured twisted cord that I put through the holes in the sides of the bag and sewn together with red yarn. (If anyone's interested in the cord making, I'll post the tutorial soon). I also knitted and felted the flower which I sewn on the front bottom of the bag, and I also embelished it with some glass beads.
This bag is finished, and I'm anxious to see the assignment for the June bag! (*^-^*)

Let me leave you with some nature shots from my cottage garden:


  1. That is a beautiful bag! Simply gorgeous!

  2. The bowling bag is so nice! I love it!