Friday, May 05, 2006

Yarn shopping!

Today I've been yarn shopping (and fabric shopping, and leather shopping, but that's another story... ^^).

This is the sunny yellow and orange for the Felted Bowling Bag (May project for Bag Me KAL), Italian yarn, 100% Merino wool, 50 m/50 g, I bought 1 kg (half of yellow, half of orange) for $ 35 (wholesaler).
I've already swatched and I'm satisfied with needles 7 (I should be knitting with 8 according to the pattern, but I don't have the 8s), I'm starting tomorrow so expect more pictures soon.

I also bought this moss green yarn for the Swan Neck sweater - it's a Turkish yarn, 95% acrylic, 5 % mohair, very soft, 270 m/100 g. I've already started to knit the sweater and I like the result. ^^

And here a pack of white cotton floss - for an embroidered bands for my husband's medieval caftan (I'll show you the pattern tomorrow, when I'll have finished one piece in two colours), and circulars 2,5.

There were so many wonderful yarns around me that I wanted to buy them all! ^^ But I couldn't, and moreover it was a wholesaler, so I had to pick up 0,5 kg packs, not single skeins, so I had to carefully count the money!... But I'm definitely going back there soon! ^^


  1. I love the moss green yarn. You definitely had a successful shopping trip!

  2. Take me with you next time. ;o)
    I'm curious about the leather.