Sunday, August 13, 2006

Finally I know!...

I just don't like pumpkin!
I tried to eat it in stews, fried like potato pancakes, yesterday I tried to eat it in a form of a pie, and I still don't like it (although my husband said the pie was good, so it's not my culinary inadequacy...). I just don't fancy its taste, more - I cannot stand it! And I'm a bit shocked, because this is the first thing EVER that I don't want to eat any more in my life, I really eat with pleasure anything else (of course, out of the things I've ever tried! ^^). I love brussell sprouts, spinach, liver, you name it. I hate pumpkin!
I'm going to make one more pumpkin pie for the Samhain holiday, a bit more festive version with raisins and nuts, and I'll give pumpkin the very last go. ^^

But on to the craft issues because it's been a very beaded, sorry... ^^, busy weekend in here! We've been beading - my husband and me.
I've been beading my kokoshnik (the medieval Russian headdress for my historical reenactment events, remember? ^^), and Robert was beading the panels he's going to sew onto the silk shirt he's sewing as a gift for our friend. It will be the replica of the X-th century Byzantine Prince's shirt called dalmatica. (He's soooo creative, he should have the craftblog of his own!).
That's all we managed to do, because we ran out of beads in the middle of our works and are waiting for the new supply to come by post.

My kokoshnik - front (beading finished):

This is the pattern that I put on the back (it's from Elrond's council robe, but I changed it a bit to make it more adequate for medieval Russia ^^):

My kokoshnik - back (stil part of the design is missing):

This is the shape of the dalmatica:

Beaded panel on red silk made by Robert (two of the panels are visible on the shoulders of the dalmatica above):

I have also finished the OPAL sock and started to knit the second one (or rather the third one, explanation here ^^).

Sunday planning

Crafts for the next week:
- finish kokoshnik (if I receive the beads!...)
- knit OPAL sock #3
- knit Mameluke socks
- finish at leat ONE quilted pillowcase to show you ^^
- start the Knitting Tote for the Bag me KAL
- embroider the bands for my and Robert's medieval clothing (still some of them hang around unfinished!...)
- start the new lacy shawl (finally I decided upon the pattern, more of this to come! ^^)
- get to some clothing that needs refashioning (including shoes! ^^)

Okay, so lots to do as usual! ^-^
Happy crafting, everyone!

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