Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Has it ever happened to you?

So, I bought this sweater in a thrift store, because I liked the yarn and decided to frog it and reuse the wool to knit a bag. It's Marks&Spencers, the yarn is 48 % wool, 39% acrylic, 13% polyamide, and has a very interesting shades of light creamy brown and rusty orange (the photo doesn't do the justice at all!)

And now, when I put it on and it fits perfectly, and it goes so well with my Autumn colour scheme (full of purples, rusts, browns and orangy reds...), I just don't want to frog it anymore!... I want to keep it and wear it!...


  1. Hehe, I've done the exact same thing. I picked up a knitted linen sleeveless top to unravel, but it looked so nice on I just kept it!

  2. Never bought a sweater with frogging in mind. But will do someday. When first I realised people do that, I tried to remember what I did with all my old ones, including a hand-knitted beautiful flame-red mohair one. Of course, I gave them all to charity shops.