Monday, August 21, 2006

Fit and bits and pieces

Friday was the last day of my workshop. I really got used to the fact that I take my gym bag every evening and leave to dance for 1,5 hr. Well... Now I have one month break and then I'll start regular once a week classes - must keep me fit during that time and practice what I learned (shawl movements, yay! ^^).

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Thank you very much for your comments on my Budda top. Soren, the only direction I can give you on this is "take a Burda sewing magazine (or any other with top patterns), find a fitting top pattern, transfer it onto the blouse - make some adjustment if necessary, cut out the pieces, sew them together, embelish, wear and enjoy!" ^-^

Helene (and anyone interested) - my on-line gothic shop is called Atelier Bizarre, it's only in Polish but when you enter the site and look at the left hand sidebar there is a category "Atelier" and these are the things I make (I also sell some new clothes and some second-hand stuff, but I gradually withdraw from these and all second-hand clothing will be gone by 1st September, I want to stick to my own designs only). If by any chance anyone's interested in anything from my shop, we can make a swap for what you make, because I cannot sell internationally because I cannot take credit cards or Paypal (I know, it sucks but I cannot do anything about that...).

I've been working on different things for the past few days (although not much on Mameluke socks, because they turned out to be too small for me and I lost my interest in them a bit... just a bit, I'll finish them slowly and will have another Christmas or whatever occasion present ready). So, as I said, I've been working on several things, mainly on my kokoshnik, which is almost finished - the embroidery is basically ready, front and back parts are sewn together so I just have to add the lining.

Here are the photos of my cellphone cases, I'm going to add them to my shop either this week (if I finish some more items, I have two skirts almost ready), or next week.

And now I'm off to spend the rest of the day as I please, because I have my name's day today! ^^ (it's probably a tradition unknown to you as you mainly celebrate the birthdays, but not name's days, but in Poland name's day is very widely celebrated, my name - Joanna - appears in the calendar several times during the year but I chose 21st August. ^-^)

Happy Name's Day, Joannas! *^v^*

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  1. Your shop looks great. I'm always so impressed by the things you have made.