Tuesday, August 29, 2006


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True, true!...

Have I ever told you that I love bath products? I especially love the moment when I have a new bottle of a bath lotion or something, and I use it for the first time!... ^^ Last night I had such a wonderful bath with a new Fa Lotus Blossom and Cherry shower cream, yummy! It was even more romantic because I had several candles around me on my bathtub.
Yeah, the lamp wasn't working again, I really need to get electrician to check it! ^v^

I am in fact a really really happy person since yesterday, because I finally found the source of fleece (or whatever you call it in English, but you know what I mean). ^^ I was so jealous that you all wrote about dyeing and spinning and felting the fleece, and I couldn't get the stuff in Poland to give it a try!... But finally someone is selling it here, too, so I bought 1 kg of fleece and here it came (in a bag with a cute sheep print on! ^^):

Here is some of the fleece - I am trully amazed how soft it is! I've never touched fleece before (I touched sheepskin many times, but it's very rough compared to my fleece!...). I could crawl into a big pile of it and sleep soundly all long Winter!

I'm going to make myself a drop spindle and learn how to spin using this tool - I'll have my hands busy during Viking events! ^^ And my friend Anna is bringing me tomorrow the book about dyeing fiber with plant dyes, so I'm planning to try it next year.

Talking about Anna, here is what she gave me last week, as a present for my name's day (I drink tea all the time):


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