Monday, August 14, 2006

Fit and knit socks!

Just a quick post to let you know that today I've started my intensive one-week bellydance workshop! ^^ We are practising the dance with shawls - oh, it's so wonderful when you look across the room and see many colourful shawls swirling in the girls' hands!...
I also enlisted for the next term classes with my great teacher Dominika, starting in October. ^-^

And tomorrow I'll show you my first Mameluke sock, it's half-knitted.
September project will be socks for a guy, because my husband today said in a sad voice: "Nobody knits socks for me..." (which isn't true because I already knitted one pair of orange wool socks for him in June and I'm going to naalbind him some socks for our medieval reenactment, but still...).


  1. The question is, do you get to use one of your hand-knit shawls for the dancing class? (ha ha)

  2. I think it is really sweet that your husband wants you to knit him socks. That shows how much he admires your skills.