Tuesday, August 22, 2006

J-rock concert in Poland!

I'm very excited! ^^
On 21st October we are going to a concert of a Japanese rock band called Gram Maria!
It's not very often that we have J-rock bands here in Poland and I am a huuuuge J-rock fan! ^^ I am already thinking about the outfit - I'll be sewing myself a new skirt, corset and a jacket, and also some head covering - artificial falls, ect. I'm in the planning and designing phase right now.
I'll be also sewing a Gothic Lolita outfit for my friend Marzena - a skirt, headdress, cape and a parasol with lace edgings.
Busy, busy! ^^

Today I received my order of apliques for the pincushions I'm making (everybody's making pincushions and I want to have my own touch to the design, so I'll be adding the apliques, you'll see soon! ^^) - just look at those cute colourful butterflies, dragon-flies and flowers! ^^

And here are the embroidery flosses I'll be using to finish off the pincushions - I used to cross-stitch a lot when I was younger, but then I started many other crafts and I abandoned cross-stitching for a while. I still got lots of leftovers from numerous works I've made. ^^
(some examples here, here and here.)

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  1. There's no end to your talent. Those pin cushions will be so cute and cool!

    You have to post your Japanese rock gig outfit when it's ready.