Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fit and sew cellphone cases

I don't want to sound immodest, but... guess who was appointed today by the workshop teacher to have special predispositions for bellydancing with shawl... Me, me, me! (Together with two other girls). She said that at the beginning I seemed shy but when I take a shawl in my hands I straighten my back and really enjoy using it, so it flows in my hands - and I REALLY enjoy dancing with a shawl, leading the fabric to move as I want but also humbly agreeing for its own routes in the air - it is a piece of fabric after all! ^^ It looks that my love towards fibers shows in many ways. *^v^* Two more days of my workshop still ahead.

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Some time ago I sewn several mobile phone cases in a gothic style - black, with white lace, ribbons and pearls (I sell them in my gothic on-line shop).
I must admit I neglected my shop lately and I decided to take more interest in it because when you don't supply the shop with new stuff people stop visiting and gradually you loose the customers...
So, today I've been sewing more cellphone cases, but using some other fabrics I found in my stash - also in the gothic mood but more elegant than dark, if you know what I mean... ^^
Here are the examples:

They are not finished yet as they need the top hems to be done, but this is more or less the new style I'm working on (each one will be different because I just sit down with fabric and laces and beads, and match them, and see what looks good with what).
I'm preparing new update in my shop for next week, maybe I'll manage to make some bigger items like a corset or a skirt? We'll see. ^^

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