Friday, August 04, 2006

Nobody told me...

that making quilts is so much fun!!! ^^

Here is what I've been doing last evening and this morning and afternoon: cutting strips of fabrics!

Here you have:
- top left corner - one full pillowcase ready to be sewn
- next to it - six more pillowcases ready to be assembled
- bottom left corner - strips of different fabrics ready to be picked up and matched with each other
- bottom right corner - circles of fabrics to make pincushions

I had no idea I had so many nice fabrics in my stash! And that's not all of them, I still have some more in red, violet and blue combinations. I thought that I'm not going to like quilting because of the colours-and-patterns mix but now, when I look at them they remind me of the Japanese streetfashion - people wearing colourful patterend clothing in crazy combinations. ^^

But that' s not all, folk! ^-^ Because these are not going to be ordinary quilted pillow cases - I have one more thing up my sleeve but I'm not telling you now!... ^^
Look forward to the development of this story soon!

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  1. Those fabrics are so lovely. I'm so curious about what you are planning!