Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Socks, socks, socks...

The beginning of the month brings us next sock project from the book "Folk Socks" by Nancy Bush - this month it's page 76 and Mameluke socks.

Talking about socks, my OPAL socks are growing, I finished the first one and I'm really happy with the result - the yarn is soft, I love the colour changes, although for the first time I had a ladders problem, maybe because this yarn is not very stretchy. But I just kept my eyes open as I knitted and it looks just fine. ^^

I used the stretchy bind off, namely:

K1, *bring yarn forward, return stitch to left needle; p2tog [new stitch and next stitch on left needle which is a purl st]; put yarn to back, return stitch to left needle; k2tog; rep from * across row.

But it's not very stretchy, unfortunately...

I am a bit worried about my application to Wardrobe Refashion, because I still hasn't received the invitation to the blog from the hostess... Maybe I applied too late?... It was still 31st July in Poland, when I sent my e-mail (exactly 5 pm), but maybe because of the time zone changes it was already 1st August in the US and the applications were closed?...
Well, anyway, I'm going to stick to my pledge and refashion what I have, and not buy any new clothes for 4 months (as if I had the money to do that!...) - a promise is a promise! ^^

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