Friday, February 02, 2007

Behind the picture Friday

Here is my Friday picture, and just looking at it you cannot tell that:
- I'm going to my parents' tonight for their 32nd wedding anniversary dinner,
- I found this beautiful blouse on Tuesday for just 2$!
- I sewn this dress myself last night (yes, finally some FO to show!) out of a nice warm wool that's been lying around for more than 5 years in my fabric cupboard (or maybe even longer...),
- I called this dress "Taming of the Grey" because as you know I don't like wearing grey... Well, I must admit it's growing on me. ^^
- I bought these tights on Wednesday and I'm in love with them, although blue/turquoise is not my favourite colour,
- the green velvet thingy around my neck is a kind of shrug I bought online from some Polish indie designer and it was the only thing from her collection I liked, because the rest were just grey jersey turtlenecks...
- the shoes have been with me for over two years and they are comfortable, my favourites, my beloved, and I'm scared one day they will fall apart and I'll have to find another pair but it won't be the same,

Today is the Imbolc holiday, time to celebrate the first signs if Spring, new beginnings, cleaning our space around us as well as inside our bodies and souls. Although the weather has been very funny this year (the first snow and frost came only last week), last night all the snow melted and I can see the green grass again, as if just in time for the Imbolc celebration. And I even dressed accordingly today (unconsciously), wearing white for the milk and snow, silver/grey for the Moon Goddess and green for the Spring shoots. ^^
I'm looking forward to a new chapter in my relations with my mother (it's been really better recently), I'm waiting for new inspirations to my work, I'm working on my immunity issues and I can see the first results, I'm thinking positive about the recent changes in Robert's work (although it's always a bit scarry and uncertain).
I wish you all wonderful new beginnings and creativity and joy in all you do! *^o^*


  1. Loving the outfits. I always buy shoes in the bright, interesting colours now, having got talked out of it once and REGRETTING that every time I wear the not-very-exciting-but-at-least-not-grey dark brown shoes I bought that tinme!

    Loving your outfits, looking forward to seeing your Huge Surf Shawl -mmmm -

  2. I love the tights, especially with your dress. It is a great outfit!

  3. Brilliant outfit! I love it when people aren't afraid to show their individuality. It really inspires me to go and put something interesting on.