Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I invented something I'm going to call Slowobrazy (Wordpictures) - they will consist of a painted word and the decorative manfestations of my crafts all around it. Last night I was working on the bases for my first three pieces that are going to be put together as a collection (on my livingroom wall, I hope! ^^). I chose words that made a very important sentence for me: tworzyc wlasnymi rekoma (which means: create with my own hands, wow, in English I would have to create five pieces, not three! *^v^*).

I cut out the rectangles of grey linnen (because grey linnen is very symbolic for me, it reminds me of the embroidered napkins and table cloths my Grandmother used to create), transfered the words on it with a transfer pencil and an iron, and painted them with a black fabric paint.

Now I'll be adding embroidery, probably aplique, quilting, and whatever more will come to my mind. And when I decide that it's time to stop and they are finished, I'll staple them onto the wooden frames.

I'm going to practice my TAST stitches on my wordpictures, and the list so far includes:
Week 1 Herringbone, week 2 Buttonhole, week 3 Detached chain stitch , week 4 Cretan stitch , week 5 Chevron stitch , week 6 Algerian eye stitch, week 7 Feather stitch, week 8 Fly stitch
which means I'm a bit behind the schedule but I hope to catch up quickly. *^v^*

I finished my I'm Blue... scarf and blocked it on Sunday - it's a kind of a first-Spring-chilly-morning-scarf. I love the colours of how the pattern turned out! ^^
The gauge and the needles are not that important, I've done three repeats of the pattern, it goes like that:
R1: k1, [yo, k3, ssk, k2tog, k3, yo, k1]
R2: p all

On Sunday I bought four big plastic containers and rearranged my yarn stash - now I have mohairs & co in one bin, wools in the other bin, acrylics and mixes in the third one and the tangle in the fourth one. I still have some tangled wool in the huge willow basket but at least I made some clean up and got rid of some yarn I'm never going to use. ^^

Also on Sunday I got a yarn gift from Robert's aunt: natural wool, very coarse but Robert already asked me to use it on my loom to try to make a piece of fabric out of it on a linnen warp. I love the egg-like shape of the yarn balls, they look like ostriches' eggs! ^^

Talking about the loom, I'm assembling it this Friday! Yes, I know it took me a long time to get to it but finally I have everything I need to do it and on Friday morning I'm going to paint all the parts with the beeswax paint and in the evening with Robert's help I'll be warping it for the first time, yikes! ^^

And here is how I look like when I play a model! *^v^*

On Sunday before the last we've been taking photos of some new corsets Robert sewn for Atelier Bizarre, and I and my friend Anna were the models (she didn't like how she looked at the pictures, so I'm only showing you my poses ^^).


  1. It may be 5 words in English but it would be 5 easy to pronounce words ;) I have listened to my husbands family for the 28 years we have been married and the 8 years we dated on and off and I can say maybe 5 words - I can get the idea of more sentences but if I have the actual word right is questionable.

    Your modeling pictures are great - but did you change your hair color or is it the light?? It is much darker looking...

  2. I love your new art idea. It is definitely original - I can't wait to see the finished products. Your language looks so beautiful written down. I'm sure it sounds lovely too.